Le Anh Training Center offers quality human resource courses in Vietnam

Established in 2012 – Le Anh Practical Training Center is one of the very few centers licensed, meeting the requirements for rigorous state training programs, faculty and facilities.

Le Anh HR Center directly under the center of practical training Le Anh, currently offers courses training administrative personnel, professional practical training C & B, professional recruiting, branding recruitment and KPI training in the form of online and offline courses.

Besides,Le Anh HR is also a unit trusted by many businesses and wants to cooperate and receive Le Anh’s support in providing internship positions, office workers, … are students, students are directly Le Anh Hr competed and supplied. There is a huge amount of corporate data that can support many students and students to have suitable internships to develop their skills in the profession.

One of the differences Le Anh Center, compared to other centers on the market, is a methodical, practical training program, built and evaluated by experts with long-term experience in the profession. In addition, Le Anh Center also gathers a team of excellent lecturers, 100% of its lecturers are experts with over 10 years of professional experience, currently holding important roles in businesses. Large Corporation, enthusiastic and enthusiastic to students.

Recognizing the gap between current theory and reality in administrative training of personnel at training institutions, CEO Le Anh and his team of staff are HR administration experts, C&B and experts. Recruiting long-term experience, currently working in large enterprises, has built a training program on practical quality administrative personnel. The program was submitted for review and received very good feedback from businesses, experts and trainees. From there, it helps the students of the center to be trained methodically and follow the most practical follow-up program, helping students to be able to do their jobs during and after the course.

With the determination to offer quality courses, helping human resources to increasingly develop their expertise and skills, to meet the requirements of businesses, Le Anh Center besides meeting high requirements on With the quality of the course, Le Anh HR has been established to provide human resources and a soft skills training center to support the connection and recruitment of students, as well as to help learners perfect their working skills.

During the trainee training process, the lecturers and the department Le Anh HR will identify the strengths, weaknesses and personalities of students, thereby helping to orient the students in appropriate jobs. This is the difference in human resources that only Le Anh HR has.

For each different job position, there will be a different recruitment council, the council members are experts in the profession, the lecturers have taught the candidate so that the right candidate can be identified.

After recruiting, the faculty of the center will continue to support candidates to grasp and adapt the jobs at the enterprise.

With prestige and quality of training confirmed in the market, Le Anh center has had extensive cooperation with universities, has provided training for many large enterprises and received very good feedback from the trainees.

Le Anh Center operates with the mission of becoming the best practical training unit in Vietnam with the following tasks:

  • Providing quality courses for learners, improving knowledge, experience and skills.
  • Provide enterprises with quality human resources.
  • Support students with internships.
  • Connect students and recruiting businesses.

The courses of the center are well-built, from basic to advanced in the following order:

  • Khoa hoc hanh chinh nhan su chuyen nghiep” course
  • Khoa hoc dao tao thuc hanh C&B” course
  • Course Recruiter
  • Course Trade Construction Course Recruitment Brand
  • BSC and KPI Application Course in Business Management
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Course Head of Human Resources
  • Other Courses in Practical Accounting and Practical Import and Export:
    • General Accounting Course Practice Practical
    • Import-Export
    • Course Skills Complete
      • Courses Office Informatics
      • Course Soft Skills
    • Course inhouse training course in DN

About Le Anh HR:

As a professional training organization, Le Anh HR (https://leanhhr.com/) always striving and developing with a vision to become a training center for best practices in the market, providing quality courses, focused on learners, contributing to the community with the training message “Classified experience-Free future”. Experience is always valuable, needs to be shared for everyone to learn from each other, to make progress together. When employees have good working experience, they will help businesses develop, so that workers, businesses and the country will have a bright future together.

Therefore, Le Anh Center is always oriented to students, working for the community, contributing value to the country based on three pillar relationships central-lecturers-students.

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