CostCertified Offers E-Commerce Construction Quotes with Amazon-Like Buying Experience

This construction platform transforms boring, static construction estimates into a beautiful, e-commerce buying experience for customers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses work, and this includes the construction industry. Because of the lockdowns, face-to-face interactions became limited, forcing the construction industry’s highly physical nature of work to transform — and leading the way to its digital transformation is CostCertified.

CostCertified reinvents how construction is bought, sold and managed. Its mission is to connect the supplier, contractor, and consumer in one seamless e-commerce buying experience. Through this platform, customers are allowed to select their finishes, upgrade, downgrade, and build their own renovation or new-build with real-time price changes — with a no-contact sales approach and no additional effort from the contractor.

Born from two guys with a vision that wanted to change how construction estimating and management was done, CostCertified was created to provide solutions for some of the biggest problems encountered in construction. After a few years of intense development work and making improvements based on feedback from real users, they ended up with a technology that makes construction services more accessible and beneficial for both customers and contractors, especially in a pandemic where close physical contact is not recommended at all.

Through its patent-pending technology, customers can build their own quote, while a contractor can build and send a quote without any physical contact necessary. “Contractors have gotten away in the past largely ignoring technology, but CostCertified is a game-changing technology that cannot be ignored,” said the team behind CostCertified.

CostCertified is perfect for residential contractors who struggle and spend too much time building accurate and detailed construction quotes. In fact, it even simplifies this process from ~2 hours to less than 10 minutes. CostCertified provides digital construction proposals that remove allowance pricing from the picture, so that consumers can upgrade, downgrade, or add optional items in real-time while seeing the difference in price. It’s not just “another tool” for contractors — it’s the backbone of many of its members’ businesses, helping them grow and become even more profitable.

As the best residential construction estimating software, CostCertified’s patent-pending software is the only technology capable of providing a frictionless e-commerce experience in construction. It allows built-in financing and transparent ultra-low fee payments that automate workflow, facilitate trust, and reduce cost and risk for general contractors, subcontractors and the consumer.

CostCertified is simply one platform that brings together every feature needed to run a contracting, renovating, or home building company.

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About CostCertified

CostCertified™ is the first of its kind eCommerce platform for construction. It has solved many of the glaring problems experienced by the construction industry by providing a solution that gives a much better experience for both contractors and consumers alike. With CostCertified, inaccurate estimates for construction projects are avoided, the quoting process is made faster, quotes are flexible and easy to modify real-time, sales approach only requires minimal to no contact, customers can manage their finances better, and papers like project orders, invoices, and cheques are no longer necessary.

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