Ken Krell Launches 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events

Ken Krell Launches 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events

Ken Krell gives a report for FREE that reveals why people fail and how to implement a formula that makes online events better than in-person events.
In the last few years, there have been drastic changes in the world of events and meetings. Speakers are no longer present in the same room as attendees. Ken Krell explains the 7 deadly digital event sins that many virtual event speakers make and how to avoid such mistakes. He encourages event speakers to change their mindset to connect with their online audience.

Ken Krell has sold several millions of dollars of products and services for over 39 years on both physical and digital platforms. He is a well-respected expert in digital marketing, mortgage financing businesses, and real estate. Krell is also the founder and CEO of The WealthSpring Institute and the founder and executive director of the Institute For TotalPreneurship™. He believes entrepreneurship should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and immensely profitable. The new release of ‘The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events’ by Krell exposes the most critical mistakes that most event producers and speakers are making every day. It will help one discover and understand the mindset that one must set to connect with one’s audience and make them purchase endlessly. Over the years he has provided his services, Krell has guided several entrepreneurs to create the best lifestyle businesses.

Acquiring this guide will be a gateway for one to learn what he has learned over the decades quickly and painlessly. Additionally, it explores the ins and outs of the tech issues of digital events as well as the fundamentals of running such events. This guide is undoubtedly an energy hack that assures that one is well cared for so that the entire focus is directed to the audience. It is incredible how easy it is to make this work for anyone in any digital interaction. Its application is limited to virtual events and any interactivity between people in a digital platform. Most speakers are losing audiences who are potential customers without even knowing it.

The bright side to taking action faster is that one will be able to apply the knowledge earlier on and thus significantly impact people. The sales will hit the roof in the long run, making the revenue from each digital event awarding. The audience is very important, and convincing them is the key to any digital event’s success. Every virtual event speaker or producer needs to understand the audience first and their interest. They are somewhat “leads” that one introduces to their platform and require being nurtured into prospective buyers. On convincing the new lead to join one’s ecosystem, it is also essential to maintain the leads as future paying customers who will come back again and again for more. The trick is to learn how to engage with the audience, and Ken Krell’s 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events does precisely that.

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The seven deadly sins generally include Envy, Pride, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed. Envy comes up due to striving to keep up with the digital revolution without really preparing adequately with the necessary information and resources. The sin of Pride involves lacking focus on one’s techniques which may require adjustment to appeal to a broader audience. On the other hand, Wrath arises due to forcing new ideologies in one’s marketing without establishing a solid digital strategy that ends up becoming too overwhelming. In the long run, one ends up not bringing the process into actualization. Lust occurs when one shifts their attention to a process or strategy by a mere hunch that it could be better without following the necessary steps. Therefore, it gets one confused due to a lack of priorities that may threaten the success. Gluttony is merely a lack of discipline in one’s projects or events without establishing the right strategy that ends up harming the business. 

Sloth in the digital world is when one is outright lazy, which the audience reacts to by turning elsewhere where they feel the delivery is worthwhile in comparison. The sin of Greed technically involves getting distracted with things that do not suit one’s goals. This guide exposes one to the sins in a broader manner and enables them to identify the sins they are committing. They are crucial to understanding since they significantly impact the digital delivery to one’s audience. Ignoring them may adversely affect the number of potential customers one acquires, which will be reflected in the overall sales. Krell’s new release helps in identifying the critical aspects of the digital world. In conclusion, any speaker aims to reach a much wider audience and appeal to more users across the digital spectrum, and downloading the guide is the next step forward.

Ken Krell explains the 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events that many virtual event speakers make. Visit to learn how to avoid those mistakes.

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