Top Outsourcing Companies & Why BruntWork Lays Claim To The Number 1 Spot

The secret to building a dedicated team in the Philippines & saving thousands.

With the current trend to work from home, staff no longer need to be in an office, so why do they need to be in the same country? To stay competitive, companies must move as much of their operational expense to low labour cost countries, while continuing to build revenues locally. Most notably, outsourcing frees up valuable space and time for companies to focus on core areas of business, rather than tying up considerable company funds in something that can easily and cost-effectively be done somewhere else.

So what defines a world-class outsourcing company? First, outsourcing companies must offer a certain level of operational expertise with a strong pool of talent. They have to prove that they can improve day-to-day operations with measurable and quantifiable key performance indicators. Thirdly they must offer a distributed staffing model to fit within the new paradigm of work from home – the days of single point of failure (like Covid-19 lockdowns or Typhoon induced electricity outages shutting down entire offices) are over.

So who does it the best? BruntWork lays claim to the number 1 position for the following reasons. BruntWork services clients all over the world. Major partnerships include ASX & NASDAQ listed companies. BruntWork are experts at building cost-effective efficient and scalable operational teams for businesses wanting to grow fast and effectively. Since 2010 they’ve recruited and trained hundreds of staff. They take data security very seriously and their systems delivery secure remote access to information regardless of the device utilised (desktop, iPhone etc). Customers who outsource to BruntWork enjoy cost savings of up to 80% compared to hiring locally. Forget paying $80k – $100k. Their talented staff cost $20k a year on average, depending on the role.

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