VICCI Eyewear Supports and Protects Eyes from Blue Light

VICCI Eyewear Supports and Protects Eyes from Blue Light
Blue light blockers.

The average American is spending more than 13 hours a day on various devices. Millions are going from laptops for work to an iPad to binge a new season of the hottest show. The result? Poor sleep quality, reduced focus and sour moods.

The blue light from screens is perceived as sunlight by the brain. Americans may be exhausted from the day yet spend hours tossing and turning before falling into a broken sleep. The next day may results in only be able to think about sneaking in a nap.

Work piles up, making anyone feel overwhelmed. The Catch-22 is most people have to work on a device, making it hard to limit screen time even in the best of circumstances.

If 94 percent of eye doctors are concerned about the short- and long-term effects of blue light exposure, should this be on the radar?

There are a few options to support vision and sleep better.

  1. Put a blue light filter over the computer screen.
    Seventy-three percent of Americans are experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain. A quick visit to Amazon produces hundreds of blue light filters that securely fit over screens.

  2. Shift to night mode on phone settings at least two hours before bed.
    Sixty-six percent of Americans sleep with their phones nearby. Part of a bedtime routine might be to check emails one last time. The combination of blue light until eyes are closed and the stress of checking email make falling and staying asleep a challenge. Turn off notifications and change settings to create a darker screen.

  3. Reduce the contrast and glare on laptops or desktops by installing a software program.
    Developers have been designing programs that work on the source of the blue light issue – devices. Blue light scatters more than any other type, making it a challenge for the brain to find contrast. The emerging software lessens the contrast and reduces glare to produce more melatonin at night, encouraging sleep.

  4. Explore blue blocking eyewear.
    Support vision by filtering all the blue light from devices.

Americans may not be able to step away from screens as much as they would like. Blue light, however, can be greatly reduced by using the four tips above.

Check out the latest advanced blue light blocking technology at online eyewear retailers to explore options.

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