All-new Chatrix app allows users to enjoy a fun, safe chatroom experience on their Apple device

Chatroom popularity remains strong despite the rise of dating apps and social media

In 1996, over 40 million people were “surfing the Internet”. At the time, and for the next decade, chatrooms were one of the top features of the “early Internet days”. Since the rise of social media with Myspace followed by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, chatrooms have not had the popularity they once did. An all-new mobile device app known as Chatrix brings back the enjoyment Internet users got from chatrooms and offers a new generation of Internet users the chance to explore them.

Chatrix is a public chatroom open to individuals through the app. Users have the opportunity to enter chatrooms and chat to individuals. The app allows you to accept or decline messages from other Chatrix users. After chatting with other users, you can rate them. The app’s algorithm collates the ratings and the most validated users trend. This means more people are likely to chat with the trending Chatrix users.

Chatrooms are used for a variety of reasons by Internet users. Some people find chatrooms to be better for meeting people than dating apps. Meanwhile, others simply want to speak with likeminded people. Chatrooms are a great way to interact and connect with others. Social media can be difficult to navigate with many trolls out to criticize users. Chatrooms provide users plenty of positives, including anonymity, the opportunity to meet new people, the chance to gain new perspectives, and the chance to engage with people of the same age, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

In addition, social media is often just about ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ making it difficult to have a truly engaging experience. Chatrix aims to bring back the engagement of classic chatrooms and provide users the enjoyment of speaking to others about various topics.

The app is available on the Apple Store for free download. There is no cost to set up and account to begin chatting with other users. Chatrix’s designers created the app to give users a fun, safe chatroom to meet others. Thanks to Chatrix’s security software, you can rest assured you are chatting to a real person and not a fake user. Although chatrooms are not the new, cool kid on the block, they are still popular with many people. Chatrix aims for chatrooms to make a comeback in 2021.

Chatrix can be downloaded from the Apple Store today. To download the app, please visit the Apple Store now.

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