Small Business Marketing: Then & Now Podcast Interviews #1 Local SEO Influencer on LinkedIn, Marshall Adler, Founder of iRankFast

Small Business Marketing: Then & Now Podcast Interviews #1 Local SEO Influencer on LinkedIn, Marshall Adler, Founder of iRankFast

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On the 21st episode of Small Business Marketing: Then & Now Podcast, the Host, Howard Wolpoff, fires questions about business and COVID-19 at Marshall Adler, Founder of iRankFast.

Back in 2009, when Founder of iRankFast, Marshall Adler, a Small Business Marketing specialist, decided to become an SEO Expert because he saw a gap that needed to be filled with local businesses seeking more local foot traffic, and web traffic and new customers from the web, and they were being told by marketing agencies that blogging, social media, and paid advertising was the only way to get found and get respect and new customers.

So he embarked on a mission to educate service businesses about newer, faster, and better ways to give search engines what they want, and in return, one can get what one wants; more exposure, targeted traffic, sales, and sales leads, without the website owner or any staff, having to be there, or do any publishing of content elsewhere, to make it work.

Last week Small Business Marketing: Then & Now, Podcast Host, Howard Wolpoff reached out to Mr. Adler and requested an interview for another episode on their show, and Mr. Adler accepted, not knowing what to expect, and while most would buckle under the pressure of “rapid-fire” questions, without any preparation in advance for crafting intelligent answers, Mr. Adler definitely knows what he’s talking about and really brings home a clear message.

Provided one is a service-business of any kind, one needs a decent website that is more content-centric for achieving top rankings on Google, and one needs to work with Local SEO experts who have faster methods of achieving the same results of 98% of all bloggers, social media agencies and paid advertising firms ‘helping’ their Clients rank at the top of the search results.

One is highly encouraged to listen to the entire interview from start to finish, to learn about Local SEO and how SEO experts like Marshall Adler, a small business marketing expert at iRankFast, can promise his clients, organic page one results in 90-days or less, without doing a lick of blogging, social media or paid advertising to make it happen, or make it work.

Connect with Mr. Adler on LinkedIn to learn more about Local SEO and business collaborations, or visit his website at:

For marketers, SEO professionals, agencies, small business owners of service businesses, etc, this is the one podcast show one must listen to, before contact Mr. Adler for SEO help!

Mr. Adler had this to say to our Editors, “It was an honor to be interviewed by Howard of the Small Business Marketing: Then & Now Podcast, one was already blown away by his online presence, and then after reading his ebook, it really solidified that one could benefit from the business coaching offered by Mr. Wolpoff through his own coaching agency, as he literally offers 8 immediate strategies for finding over $100k in your business without having to spend money to get it. It’s practical and I was blown away by the information. Still am.”

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