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April 29, 2021 – The team at Virtual Execs has today announced that its online marketplace where businesses can find and hire competent executives will launch on May 1, 2021. The platform will connect highly qualified and talented executives to entrepreneurs and companies across a wide variety of industries. Virtual Execs will supply entrepreneurs and businesses with the right kind of talent and skills. The company will serve as a platform for high-profile executives looking to leverage their expertise for additional business opportunities.

For a business to grow exponentially, it requires the right person to steer it in the right direction. But while there are a few online platforms that allow businesses to source talent, there is often a lack of verified executive profiles. Virtual Execs has created the perfect solution with an online recruitment marketplace that will appeal to both executives looking for better opportunities and companies, both big and small, looking for executive talent.

“Fractional executive recruiting is a thing of the past. Let virtual execs show you the future with our online marketplace to help entrepreneurs access executive talent,” says a spokesperson for Virtual Execs.

Virtual Execs will match the reliability and dependability offered by LinkedIn or the vast marketplace options offered by UpWork in one stellar platform. It will be the perfect high-profile online recruitment platform that seeks to reinvent the executive talent market space. The company assures clients that they will provide seasoned and industry-hardened professionals. These will include, but not be limited to, CEOs, CFO’s, CIO’s and department heads. Virtual Execs will be the perfect hub for better prospects, opportunities, and career options more suited to their expertise.

Phillip Bush is the founder and CEO of Virtual Excess. Mr. Bush has set out on a mission to reinvent the executive talent market space to fill a lacuna that other online marketplace platforms have not by focusing exclusively on executive talent.

Learn more from Virtual Execs’ YouTube explainer video.

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