IMILAB Launches New EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set in Advance of Summer

IMILAB Global, a company that specializes in the creation of innovative smart home gadgets, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their new home security device, the EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set. With summer right around the corner, homeowners are flocking to update their home security technology, looking for cameras to keep their homes and properties safe from the inside out. Designed with state-of-the art features, the EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set will help make homes safer and is slated to be released on for crowdfunding on May 18th, 2021.

The EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set is equipped with 2.5k crystal ultra-clear resolution, which exceeds the resolution quality of the average camera. The camera offers a vibrant 4-megapixel live stream, making visual clarity affordable and achievable. A security camera is only as helpful if it can shoot high-quality video day or night. The exclusive HD customized lens offers F1.6 large aperture, and thus users can shoot vibrant, clear, and sharp video anytime, day or night, rain, or shine. Not only that, the EC4 features a bright spotlight that turns on automatically if a person is detected at night, revealing a full-color capture when it is most needed.

Significantly, the EC4 is embedded with artificial intelligence features that immediately tracks anyone that comes within its purview, drastically reducing the rate of false alarms The EC4 can be set up to design and protect certain areas on a property. If someone were to enter one of the defined areas, the spotlight will flash, and a built-in alarm will be triggered out loud.  This is a handy feature for users who want to protect their home on a more molecular level, helping them stay full abreast of anyone improperly trying to access certain parts of the home. And above all, the EC4 is super easy and fast to install. IMILAB provides clear instructions and a robust customer service platform to help get people’s EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Sets up and running.

Most importantly, with an optional solar panel (by being exposed to minimum 4 hours’ sufficient sunlight, users might not ever need to recharge their EC4 again. Besides the solar panel, the EC4 features a built-in 5200mAh rechargeable battery. A single charge can last for months.

One of the best qualities of the EC4 is that it is relatively low maintenance once set up. The EC4 is waterproof, allowing it to function perfectly in the rain and snow. The operating temperature is -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 50 C). With summer weather being unpredictable, from rain and thunderstorms to hot weather days, it is reassuring for people to know that their security camera will continue to function regardless. 

Last but not the least, users can view the live stream, read instant notifications sent from the camera and revisit the historical records anytime they want. Users can store their data on the SD card locally or choose to upload it on the IMILAB cloud storage based upon the AWS cloud service which covers 190 countries globally with extremely high reliability. All IMILAB video data is securely encrypted with randomly-generated encryption keys. SSL-encryption is applied upon data transition of the cloud storage. Only the legitimate users can access the data via digital certificate accordingly. With the automatic data back-up on IMILAB cloud storage, users can access video recordings any time anywhere.

The camera was also designed with sustainable features to reduce battery waste. “We are thrilled to help families feel confident that their homes are fully protected, particularly as they start to spend more time away from the home to enjoy summer activities,” says an IMILAB representative.

The IMILAB EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera Set is on track to arrive right in time to help homeowners and families make the most of their summers on May 18th for crowdfunding on Those who participate in the crowdfunding will receive three months’ video recordings for free.

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IMILAB is proud to be a company that is about so much more than smart home gadgets. Because they understand the value of their properties and the vital need to protect them, they have developed easy-to-use security cameras, offering all the tools to keep people’s families, and loved ones safe. Since April 2014, IMILAB has operated on the belief that security is a fundamental necessity.

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