Q1M Launches SUPERMANAGER, a Free App That Fights the Gap in Leadership Training

Q1 Management (Q1M) wants to disrupt emerging markets with its free management training solution, SUPERMANAGER, for business leaders when it launches on June 1st. 

The Danish company solved these two major managerial problems: The financial strain companies go through to train their business leaders and the tight schedule that deprives them from acquiring more skills and expertise. 

Q1M will provide bit-by-bit training of 3–5-minute micro-classes combined with AI chat-bots to help business leaders with day-to-day decisions and tactics. Founders Brian Baptista and Søren Jegindø, with more than two decade’s worth of experience from LEGO, IBF and Radiometer Medical, will launch their first product SUPERMANAGER to help tackle the low business management know-how of business managers around the world. 

“The real issue is that managers around the world have very few genuine options for improving themselves. Their tight schedule and high paced jobs make it really difficult. On the other hand, if they do not improve their skills, they are directly hurting their career options, their efficiency levels and ultimately the company. Company owners find management training expense and time consuming. These very common issues are what SUPERMANAGER will solve going forward. We want to breed better managers, so everyone wins”, says Baptista, CEO.

The founders have both distilled their tons of knowledge and experience into tiny chunks offered on SUPERMANAGER to ease learning for leaders for free. Microlearning delivers short, focused bites of content. Although there are no fixed guidelines regarding the duration, an ideal microlearning module is usually no more than 8 minutes and covers one learning objective. The modules will be delivered in a variety of formats including: Short text guides, videos, infographics and quizzes for business managers. 

“In our experience, the best advice is given by someone who has walked the walk. Q1M provides a platform where business leaders can learn one-on-one from mentors that have done it all before. We have asked experienced business leaders from various sectors to give their best advice for free on the platform. Many of these business leaders want to give back by providing their insights on what they have been passionate about for years”, says Jegindø, COO.

A 2017 survey by Ultimate Software reports that about half of participating American business leaders up to 45% have never received formal management training. The picture is worse in the emerging markets. Studies indicate that the number can be as high as 80%. This problem reinforced the conviction to bring light into this space. 

“Q1M has evolved learning experience from the traditional, rickety form it used to be. The company has integrated micro-learning into current training strategies for companies. But not only that, it provides facilitated learning using an AI chatbot as a tutor. Learning should be effective, but still fun” says Baptista.

According to the founders, the learning experience is dynamic and moving at an exponential rate likewise people’s response to it, which was what spurred the idea behind Q1M.  “People’s behaviour has changed. So, it’s time that the learning experience does too” said Baptista.

For more information, contact Q1M on: media@q1m.dk

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