Can Baopowder make “Bread for Diabetics” and “Healthy Brunches” a thing?

Baopowder Announces Baobab Superfruit Products to Improve Health Condition of Americans at This Critical Time

Isa Bako and his team at baopowder announces their baobab powder products packed with several nutritional benefits and suitable for diabetics and many other health conditions.

Baopowder is proud to announce its baobab products for a healthy, natural, and organic lifestyle that promotes good health. The superfruit boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, regulates blood sugar, and promotes quality sleep.

For centuries, the baobab fruit has been used as medicine and food. Isa and his team at Baopowder are offering it to consumers in convenient packaging, so they can get all the benefits it has to offer.

Customers can shop for the baopowder 14 pack box or the 4lb container, with more options coming soon. Every serving of baobab is packed full of nutritional benefits, including antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, fiber, and spinach.

“Based on the critical health climate in America, there couldn’t be a more crucial time to introduce this fruit to the populace,” said Isa Bako, owner and founder of Baopowder. “There’s a reason it’s known as both the king and queen of superfruits, and right now, we need baobab in every bakery, every tea shop, every restaurant, every smoothie store, pretty much everything we consume, so here we are offering it to the people.”

Isa is passionate about using nature to help improve medical conditions. He believes that humans have gone too far away from nature, and it’s time to explore the power of natural foods like baobab to improve health on a national and global level.

He had studied baobab for years and found out its potency in helping people dealing with serious health conditions, especially diabetics. That’s why he and his team put in all their effort, resources, and energy to provide a baobab product and promote it so that more people will discover its benefits.

Baobab is one of the healthiest fruit on the planet, so much so that the FDA considers it a supplement. Several research and findings have also been carried out to investigate the nutritional values, and the results are incredible.

For example, one serving of baobab delivers 66% more iron than spinach, 50% fiber, and six times more potassium than bananas. Regular consumption helps promote bone growth and reduce fatigue levels. It also regulates the digestive system and boosts mental clarity, making it an excellent food for those dealing with the aftermath of stress.

Most fruits and food lose their nutritional content after heating, but not baobab.

Research shows the food retains its nutritional content even after being heated to 400 degrees. Baobab powder can be added to flour for baking to make healthier pastries and bread, making it good for diabetics and people with arthritis. It can also be added to tea, coffee, smoothies, yogurt, ice cream, and soups.

Baopowder is raw harvested, vegan, GMO-free, organic, gluten-free, and comes in attractive packaging. Customers can shop online and get the product delivered to their doorstep.

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About Baopowder

Baopowder is a company offering high-quality and raw harvested baobab powder available in neat and quality packaging. The founder, Isa Bako, was Born in Wisconsin but raised in four continents, including Nigeria, where he had his first interaction with baobab as a child. The company is committed to promoting health and wellness by educating people about the nutritional benefits of natural superfruits like the baobab.

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