MOUTOBODISM Full Bodied Art Revolution International Movement, Creating Unique Art Signature and Colors of Mystical Charm

The discovery and development of MOUTOBODISM in the visual arts and ART Scene is an ultimate breakthrough to trigger the sleeping giant within and opening an unlimited potential to create and nurture a great artistic perspective and blueprints of LIFE.

The name “MOUTOBODISM” originate and came from the word “MOU” for Mouth, “TO” Tongue and “BOD” for Body “ISM” for Art Movement.

Characteristics include relatively revolutionary, mind-blowing, open-mind, negativity, positivity or mixed, bold, thin, strong, colorful, expressive yet visible mouth, tongue and body strokes and presses, open composition, emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities (often accentuating the effects of the passage of time from past, present and the future), extraordinary subject matter, inclusion of movement of life as a crucial element of human perception and experiences, and unusual visual angles borne from an inspired energetic mind and body.

This is not limited to only human Body this movement can also use any part of animals Example: PIG’s Tongue (Lengua), Chicken Feet or any part that is possible as the way of expressing Mouth, Tongue and Body Arts (indeed, we believe that it is more worthwhile than most of what is commonly considered “ART”). The name is meant to sound honest and down-to-earth as it focusses to self-exploration and what can one artist can contribute using his own Life as a whole; to make you think, “I am what I am thru this style I can Unleash the Giant within me!” perhaps. And you can! Anyone can participate in the movement, as long as the attempt is honest and artistic. In the meantime, it’s easy to make MOUTOBODISM art: Just layout your canvas and do it with free mind! Try to forget your conceptions of what a “painting” or “drawing” looks like, create out the box, set aside some theories or what a “song” sounds like, and make lots and lots. Don’t spend too long on any one item or obra. Afterwards, look or listen and discover what you’ve done. Perhaps you’ll find something that appeals to you? If you do, you’ve won! If you don’t, open your mind and try again! Be Motivated and Unleash the True Unlimited Potential in You.

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