360° Dog Walker Emerges as “Best in Class”

San Francisco, California – April 30th, 2021 – 360° Dog Walker is quickly emerging as the preferred choice for San Francisco dog owners, particularly those who seek “best in class” walking, training and boarding services for their beloved canine companions.  This “state of the art” company was founded by Nancy Bernard in 2005, so 360° Dog Walker has clearly stood the test of time, particularly in a market which abounds with dog walking and training enterprises.  Nevertheless, consumer demand for the unique services offered by 360° Dog Walker has remained robust for 16 years and is still in a growth mode.  This is quite a feat for a city with an extremely high per capita dog rate – 139 dogs per 1000 residents – making San Francisco the 7th ranked dog-populated city in the country!  (Source:  www.veterinarypraticenews.com)

The longevity and strong demand for 360° Dog Walker’s services can be attributed to three reasons.  First of all, Nancy Bernard, the founder, possesses experience in her field which is truly distinct from her competition.  Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science, Nancy dedicated her early career to the training of security dogs  and then the  rehabilitation of  dogs with aggression.  This unique experience deepened Nancy’s academic understanding of animal behavior, allowing her to gain invaluable and actionable insights into “the canine mind”.  Unlike any other dog walking and training company in the Bay Area, Nancy and her team take every aspect of a dog’s well-being into account.  This holistic approach views physical and mental stimulation as “the basics”, but then goes the extra mile.  This is why Nancy aptly named her company 360° Dog Walker.

A second reason for the growing demand for 360° Dog Walker is their unparalleled dog walking approach.   360° Dog Walker is unique in offering both 60-minute off-leash group walks and also 90-minute off-leash group walks. All dog walks offer a truly enriched walk experience, including training & play time.  Of equal importance is the fact that 360° Dog Walker limits the size of each dog group to no more than 5 dogs, all of which are carefully pre-screened for age, breed and temperament compatibility.  By limiting the size, Nancy and her team are able to bring the groups to exclusive and verifiable destinations in San Francisco including Crissy Field, Baker Beach, GGNRA, The Presidio and Fort Funston. Finally, the 360° approach incorporates attentiveness to other important aspects of the dog’s well-being, such as nail clipping, ear and eye cleanliness, and even superior transportation services amidst immaculate and spacious vehicles.

The third reason why San Francisco’s dog owners are choosing 360° Dog Walker is due to the company’s stellar reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.  Unlike any competitor in the Bay Area, Nancy and her team are actually able to guarantee the services they offer by equipping all dogs with GPS collars.  This innovative strategy allows any client to simply look at the app on his or her phone and then verify in real time when their dog starts the outside portion of the walk, what destination he/she is enjoying, and how long he/she is outdoors.  This allows each and every client to have complete assurance that his/her beloved canine companion is getting the walk he/she deserves!  After beginning with or switching to 360° Dog Walker, many of Nancy’s clients also notice in short order that their dog comes home with a calmer, more confident and responsive mental state.  In fact, virtually all canine behavioral research confirms that fostering a dog’s optimal physical health indeed does translate into a happier, calmer and more enjoyable canine companion!

To learn more about 360° Dog Walker, log on to 360DogWalker.com or contact Nancy Bernard directly at 628-224-1644

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