Journey of Mohamed Abdelhadi – An Entrepreneur, Coach and Mentor

Mohamed Abdelhadi, with expertise in retail, sales and B2B, seeks to offer knowledge and advice to people in need and get inspiration to start their journey.

When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, one will find many success stories that have inspired millions of people. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business tycoons are known for starting their journey from nothing, facing many hardships and not letting their problems come in the way of their goals. Though every entrepreneur does not share the same journey, the one thing common among all entrepreneurs is their handwork, dedication and passion for their work. Having said that, one such person who has stepped into the world of business and entrepreneurship with incredible zeal is Mohamed Abdelhadi. Known as an entrepreneur, coach and mentor, Abdelhadi helps others achieve the same goals.

Mohamed Abdelhadi grew up in Canada and has been living there ever since. The entrepreneur and coach stepped into retail sales, working at a mall while attending school and studying accounting. Having an innate love for numbers, Abdelhadi was always curious to explore entrepreneurship and turn work into a purposeful and lucrative business. Abdelhadi has always been naturally good communicating with people and became drawn to sales. A natural way of dealing with people, knowing their pain points and understanding their needs, Mohamed Abdelhadi paved the way towards becoming an entrepreneur, coach and mentor. Abdelhadi always envisioned starting a personal company and therefore, ended up gaining immense experience in retail sales. From starting an entry-level, outdoor sales role, the entrepreneur soon became a top performer, winning five awards for sales and getting promoted several times in his career. 

Currently, Mohamed Abdelhadi has expanded to a new personal location, running a successful company and thriving in B2B sales. Abdelhadi’s office ranked as number one in sales in 2019 and in 2020 when the pandemic brought the world to a sudden halt.  The entrepreneur managed to keep the firm open and thrive amid the COVID outbreak. Mohamed Abdelhadi has been in business for over five years. It is because of Abdelhadi’s grit, self-belief and handwork that the entrepreneur has won several awards including the Consistency Manager, Rookie Manager and has also been nominated for Manager of the year. Abdelhadi provides a regular dose of inspiration and motivation to people in different aspects of life. Be it public speaking, or optimizing social media, learning from mistakes, or taking care of one’s physical and mental health, Abdelhadi seeks to offer knowledge and advice to people in need and get inspiration to start their journey. 

About the Entrepreneur and Coach: 

Growing up in Canada, Mohamed Abdelhadi is an entrepreneur, a coach and a mentor with expertise in retail, sales and B2B. Abdelhadi has been successfully running a consultating firm and has won several accolades in the world of business. The entrepreneur and mentor strives to inspire people and provide them with practical tools and skills to develop, personally and professionally.

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