Stay Tooned CEO Kate Toon Busts 4 of the Top Myths About Being an Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Kate dishes out some insights from her book, “Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur”

Many people today are used to seeing the glamorous side of successful entrepreneurs – their nice house, high-end cars, and fancy vacations. With their Insta-ready lifestyle and four-hour work week, these entrepreneurs’ glossy lifestyle is enough to make anyone spiral into a self-doubt sinkhole. They pop up in newsfeeds and inboxes with their rags to riches story and whisper sweet nothings on how to make that first million passive income. But this can feel a little bit fake.

For people who have had enough of those million-dollar entrepreneurs who offer online courses on following the same formula to success, entrepreneur and book author Kate Toon shares the myths behind the so-called entrepreneurship path in her latest book: “Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur.”

Kate believes that there are people who will feel like the entrepreneur label will never fit them. She also believes that millions of people are out there working hard at their own business in the hope of success. They’re working more than four hours a week and are thinking about their bottom line, not their next teeth-whitening treatment.

“Confessions of a Misfit Entrepreneur” is a realistic and relatable business book about how Kate built her brands. Written in her chatty, humorous, and down-to-earth voice, the book brings an honest, no-nonsense approach to building a business empire. One of the readers of the book described it as “a breath of fresh air among all the traditional, formulaic and hyped-up business books.”

To give readers a glimpse of her book, she shares four of the top myths on entrepreneurship.

  1. Rags to riches are the only way. Most seven-figure entrepreneurs tell the story of how they hit rock bottom and of how they almost gave up. “They were down to their last two dollars. And then somehow they turned it all around. And you can too!” Kate shared. According to Kate, it’s true that people often have to struggle a bit before they make it, but they don’t have to hit an all-time low to reach their highest high. Kate had her fair share of bumps and wobbles along the way, but just in the normal “human attempting to build a career and then start a business” sense. She even had terrible jobs, clueless bosses, and stressful projects. But she had some great mentors and opportunities as well. “Think about your business journey. Your low moments and your proud wins, and you’ll see you’ve learned your lessons even if you haven’t had to declare bankruptcy or remortgage your house.”

  2. Planning equals winning. Kate shares that she never had a business plan, a business coach, or a five-year vision. “While other people were procrastinating over their perfect business plans, I was out there doing the do. I’ve grown based on instinct rather than well-crafted intent. People will tell you to have a master plan. A lofty goal. And a list of actions. But really, all you need is your ‘why.’ And my why is simple: I want to work from home, and I want to make some money. You can start with the basics and figure it out along the way.” Kate shared. She started with a basic website and an even more basic “headshot.” She also didn’t find the need to do a fancy course to “level up,” define her ideal customer avatar, or spend thousands on a brand specialist.

  3. Popularity counts. Many people have been guilty of drooling over someone else’s social media audience numbers. It’s easy to conclude that there’s no chance to be one of those influencers who have a million loyal fans. Kate shared that when she first started in business, she was so worried about ruffling feathers that she became the worst thing possible: vanilla. Forgettable. Bland and same-same. “The truth is, not everyone’s going to like you. And that’s okay. The more ‘me’ I’ve been in my business, the more successful I’ve become. The people who are drawn to me are the ones who like my quirky sense of humor and library of ‘Toonisms.’” People have to accept that not everyone is going to like them or the way they do business, and that’s fine. “The people who do love what I do are an amazing network of cheerleaders and social proof sharers. You’re not a beautiful butterfly. But you’re also not the same as anyone else. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Share what makes you different. You’ll attract your people, and have fun while you’re doing it.” She added.

  4. Hustle 24/7. Kate admits that selling isn’t something that comes naturally to her. Although she has sold truckloads of memberships, templates, courses, and resources over the years, the idea of a hard sell makes her shiver. For Kate, it’s really hard to sell a product that a seller doesn’t believe in. “The flip side though is that if you believe in what you’re selling and genuinely care about how it can help make other people’s lives better or easier, then selling becomes easy. You don’t need to be able to sell beanies to hipsters to be successful in business. Be human. Be real. Share your knowledge and build trust.” She shared.

Kate busts more of these myths in her book. Aside from being an author, she’s also a digital marketer, copywriter, SEO educator, speaker, and podcaster. For more information on Kate and her company Stay Tooned Pty. Ltd., visit

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