RESTBAR, LLC Launches LidPal, a Custom-Created Lid to Keep Beverages Safe and Secure

The company’s product helps keep one’s favorite beverages safe and secure whether they’re having them indoors or outdoors.

RESTBAR, LLC, distributor of innovative advertising specialties, launches LidPal, a custom-created lid that helps keep one’s favorite beverages safe and secure. With this ingenious product, users can have their drinks concealed from viruses, pathogens, or unwanted drugs being slipped on beverages.

Times have changed. Emerging infectious diseases have become common and continue to be threats to human survival. With this phenomenon, people are advised to be more cautious to contain spreading viruses. As the world faces the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses act fast to provide people more solutions to protect themselves from viruses and pathogens. RESTBAR joins this group of entrepreneurs who bring the tools needed during this uncertain time.

RESTBAR’s LidPal not only protects people from the harms of the pandemic. It also prevents women safe from unwanted drugs. LidPal’s small and compact size allows users to bring it anytime, anywhere – may it be on a trip to a local pub or to the Bahamas. It fits in a small clutch or a pocket. The LidPal’s compact size can also fit cups of most sizes. Slip it on the beverage and put the drink’s straw in a hole provided on the lid. It can also prevent bugs from the drink during patio outings, camping or swimming trips.

Users can also have their LidPal custom-designed and by bulk. To shop and learn more about RESTBAR’s LidPal, visit


RESTBAR, LLC delivers unique and useful promotional products and branded merchandise that help businesses advertise their brand and help their clientele at the same time. All RESTBAR’s products are made in America. All manufacturing is done in Texas. The company offers up to 15% bulk discount and easy customization. RESTBAR accommodates the inclusion of a client’s company logo and information on their products. The brand’s latest innovation, the LidPal helps keep one’s favorite beverages safe and secure anytime, anywhere.

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