AI Surge Data Analytics Platform launches in Europe and Asia to support Businesses

Malta, Europe – 30 April, 2021 – AI-Surge is the industry’s fastest, most powerful and end-to-end analytics platform. AI-Surge can be implemented in a day because it skips the complicated, old school steps that other organizations need to go through for their systems to work properly. No ETL, no reshaping of the data, and no data modelling. This means that organizations will be analysing data for business insights faster than their competition.

Data technology is fast becoming the most critical aspect of modern business. It is an important factor in the digital transformation and innovation that will drive productivity and competitiveness in the years ahead. Data technology is changing how consumers make decisions about purchases and it’s transforming the speed at which those processes can be made.

While 69% of organizations collect customer data, only 40% can actually analyze it? The gap between collection and analysis is wide indeed! How can organizations harness all their customer data for analysis if their technology doesn’t support it? More importantly, they might need to consider an automated process and approach to customer analytics.

There is the need for organizations to move beyond the collection phase, to the most important differentiator … being able to use insights to build an exceptional personalized experience. It no news that data is valuable. But the real question is, is the process of data being overvalued? Every organization is stacking up their IT department with data experts and whatsoever data technologies, yet businesses are struggling to get access to their data. On the other hand there is the aggravating frustration within the business community to reduce the WAIT TIME when seeking feedback from the IT team.

Business leaders face the glaring challenge of being able to deliver valuable business insight on time. Moving away from the traditional data solutions and exploring analytic solutions that offer more flexibility and agility is hard to find in traditional data management systems.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these vast amounts of data, organizations must invest in competencies around data and analytics, customer experience, content, and digital technologies. They also need the analytical skills – either internally or through external partners – to turn raw data into insights. Most importantly, organizations need a data-driven culture, with top management support, that will commit to the investment in the technology and support of the vision of becoming a data-centric organization.

Data-driven analytics platforms like AI Surge attempt to provide solutions that helps organizations get to business insights quicker, faster and with better accuracy.

AI Surge has been described as a ‘Google for Data’. They offer a self-service solution to all of your Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning needs.

AI surge allows organisations to make use of just one platform for collaboration, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

AI Surge Data Analytics platform is for Senior managers who want to use ML & AI without getting their hands dirty with code, Data Teams within an organization, Business users, and Data Experts in Europe, America and South Asia.

AI Surge is an end-to-end platform that makes it easy to set up, integrate, deploy, manage and scale big data infrastructure on the cloud and access ready-to-use reports with all the KPIs; and access to pre-built templates and carefully generated use cases for different industries. Work with data from almost any online or cloud service. Connect with Third- Party Applications.

AI Surge Platform was also recently approved as a technology partner of Alibaba Cloud with a working product listed on the Alicloud marketplace.

AI Surge is currently taking over the entire Data analytical world and reinventing how we deal with data. With AI-Surge any organisation can crunch three major issues:

1. Huge dependency on IT to process their data without understanding their data strategy

2. Unified Data Lakehouse solution – eliminating the extra cost of setting up Data warehouse on top of Data Lake

3. Self-service organisations can deliver their data projects without expert profiles

Join this interesting webinar as they introduce you to this Cloud-based Big Data processing solution, that not only helps save cost but also automates data processing.

The AI-Surge platform is a one-stop shop that combines data management, analytics and reporting into a fast, accurate and cost-effective solution. Try AI Surge for free for 30 days or request a demo.

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