Rocco Di Piero & Zack Karkoszka, Founders of Surge Mortgage LLC – Veteran Referral Program, Make It Their Mission To Help Loan Officers Gain The Tools They Need To Succeed In This New Digital Era

Mortgage companies all over the country are finding success working with this company.

Rocco Di Piero and Zack Karkoszka, Founders of Surge Mortgage LLC are passionate about all things mortgage and real estate.

Rocco and Zack have been exclusively working with mortgage companies across the country since 2018. Their main goal is to help as many loan officers and mortgage companies as possible surge to new heights and stay present in the new digital age we find ourselves in.

“Strategies and tactics that worked 10 or 20 years ago are being replaced with more efficient strategies in today’s modern mortgage world. I’ve seen newly licensed mortgage professionals with digital skills come into the game and produce the same amount or more in loans as someone who’s been in the industry for 20+ years. I truly believe this will become more common in the future, and I really feel for those who aren’t willing to adapt and recognize what’s coming.” says Rocco.

In the midst of the pandemic, Rocco and Zack really doubled down and committed to helping loan officers in crazy times. With the rates suddenly dropping to all time lows, they were able to help numerous loan officers close a ton of VA refinances and general refinances that ultimately helped many homeowners save on their monthly payment in desperate times. They even helped some of their clients close over $50-100k in commissions off those refinances in just those few busy months alone by utilizing their strategies and tech.

Despite all the success their clients were having with refinances, Rocco and Zack understood that the refinance boom wouldn’t be here forever. They really focused on helping loan officers simultaneously build out their long term purchase pipeline. They noticed with the new wave of refinances, it was becoming normal for loan officers to remain comfortable. They stressed that the importance of building out their long term purchase pipeline was going to help them keep their realtor partnerships strong and remain ahead once the refinance boom comes to a halt. “For example, one of our current employees was a loan officer back in 2007-08 and was having a lot of success with refis. Once the mortgage crisis cleared and the refinance boom concluded, he was forced to find another path. Of course, when you’re making all that money so quickly and easily, it’s hard to imagine it coming to an end, but many loan officers had to learn the hard way.” says Zack.

Currently their paid media has been seen by over 1 million people across the country, their offerings have touched over 100 clients and they’ve generated 10s and 10s of thousands of long form, exclusive mortgage leads resulting in millions in closed loans. Being better known as the Veteran Referral Program, Rocco and Zack are heavily involved in the VA sector with the major chunk of their leads and clientele serving the Veteran community.

“The ability to self generate business and not be 100% reliant on one source is extremely powerful and becoming the new non-negotiable if you’re planning to succeed in this business for years to come. With all the newcomers in the business offering the same mortgage products, if you can’t find a way to separate yourself, you may be in trouble.” says Zack.

In 2020, Rocco announced the launch of his podcast, “The Modern Mortgage Show with Rocco”. The whole concept of the show was to showcase modern strategies that grow your mortgage business and adapting to the new digital trends that are changing the industry today. Rocco interviewed top performers across the country on his show. His show currently has 44 episodes that can be viewed on his Facebook page or YouTube channel – “Rocco Di Piero”.

After seeing the results they brought in while working with numerous branches and loan officers, and the impact they had, Rocco and Zack got an idea that they never thought they would consider. With all the skills they’ve acquired, the next logical step would be to open up their very own mortgage branch in the future. Rocco and Zack have gained all the skills needed to generate and close their own leads and market their mortgage business like they’ve already done for many clients. They feel marketing is one of the most important aspects of the business or any business, that is. They feel it is the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes. They understand how important having a good product, and customer service is, but without customers, that becomes irrelevant.

“You can have the best product in the world, but if you can’t find a way to get it into the hands of consumers, that now becomes the biggest problem and the only problem.” says Rocco.

Speaking of their passion for all things mortgage and real estate, one of their many ambitious goals is to own hundreds of pieces of residential real estate and create wealth for generations to come.

Rocco and Zack will continue their passionate mission and are able to help so many mortgage professionals through their wide range of offerings. Some of those offers include their VA lead generation system, their in-house call center, their Realtor Launch Program, and they even hand over their full mortgage marketing tool kit and CRM software to those wanting to generate their own leads.

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