An Effort Towards Ental Health Awareness, Freeflight Productions Brings “Innocent Minds” – A Short Film By Kedaer Parks

An Effort Towards Ental Health Awareness, Freeflight Productions Brings "Innocent Minds" - A Short Film By Kedaer Parks
Freeflight Productions, a production and designs company based in New York, takes on the awareness for mental health. This effort is reflected in the latest short film, Innocent Minds. This interesting and mind-opening short film is filled with mystery that keeps the viewers hooked. Ready to launch on May 1st, 2021, Innocent Minds aims to spread awareness and knowledge on mental health and inner fights of a person.

NY, USA – Apr 30, 2021 – It is becoming more common than ever that people are suffering from deteriorating mental health. Despite modern advancements such as social media, which has virtually removed distances, more people now than ever in history feel lonely. To tackle this severe issue of declining mental health, especially among the youth, Kedaer Parks Innocent Minds brings awareness to mental health. The short film is an attempt towards the right direction and acts as a helping hand for anyone struggling with declining mental health. It also engages people to take care of others and keep a tab on them to see if they are happy with their lives. All set for release, Innocent Minds will be available digitally on Freeflight Productions.

The cast of Innocent Minds features the following people. Back row from left to right: Kevin Paige, Devon Wilson, Jerrell Jones, Alana Morrison, Cobey Jones II, Cameron Jones, Darnell Wilson, Tyrone Simmons, Deanna Wilson and Amira Ibrahim. Front row from left to right: Shakeya Jones, Kedaer Parks and Shania Robinson, Anthony Patterson and Makaya Randall

The cast did their best in contemplating the idea of the film and then performed at their maximum potential to deliver it into something unique. 

The story of Innocent Minds revolves around a young boy, JaQuan. The plot of the film goes as follows: “JaQuan is a seventeen-year-old male living in the inner city. He’s on the path to becoming the first person in his family to graduate high school and the possibility for college is within his grasp when an unexpected tragedy takes him down a dark path. JaQuan tries hard to escape the darkness, but no matter how hard he fights his innocent minds can’t escape. It’s going to take a village to help him through the darkness.

May is considered to be a mental health awareness month. The strategic launch timing of the film, coupled with its captivating story, makes Innocent Minds a must-watch. The film is dedicated to people struggling with their inner demons. While relating to such people who fight for their lives, Innocent Minds also urges people around them to help them in any way they can. The film impeccably describes the call towards mental health. 

Written by Kedaer Parks and directed by Kevin Paige, Innocent Minds is a work of art. Parks is a genius when it comes to writing dialogue and scripts. The unique and heartwarming scripts breathe life into the characters of Innocent Minds. Each scene is written consistently and makes the whole film a seamless and engaging adventure. Having vast experience in writing and storytelling, Kedaer Parks molds the story of Innocent Minds into a conspicuous turn of events. His unique and creative mind has led him to write compelling and relatable dialogues, all the while staying true to the vision of Innocent Minds. 

Dialogues alone are not enough to make an enthralling movie. That’s where the directions by Kevin Paige come in. As a founder of Freeflight Productions and a creative enthusiast, Kevin performs an outstanding job as a Director for Innocent Minds. He is also a Visual Communications Artist, which renders him the perfect fit for directing the short film, Innocent Minds. While talking about his craft, Kevin says: “When it comes to capturing products, engagement, and or processes, we realize the opportunity to understand more about our clients, ourselves, and the world around us. As a photographer and videographer, practicing my crafts have allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses in my subjects.”

One of the most interesting facts about the making of the film Innocent Minds is that the film is based on the model of E1T1 (Each One Teach One). This model, E1T1, was developed by Bryanna Jones in 2010. At that time, Bryanna was at the tender age of ten years old. Since that age, she started helping children at local hospitals. She used to send them gift items such as toys to make them happy. As she continued her journey helping as many children as she could, she approached PMG International and The James Brown Family Foundation. 

Through Bryanna’s efforts and watching the mentor and model program, Deanna Brown-Thomas -James Brown Family Foundation’s Toy Give-Away, she was able to donate toys to Vassar Hospital. With the support of the James Brown Family Foundation, she also helped a local women’s shelter. After seeing what Deanna Brown was doing with her program, Bryanna began working with Freeflight Productions to create a mentorship program for local teenagers.  

As Bryanna joined Freeflight Productions, Innocent Minds was conceived. The film had a casting of local students. This casting of students provided them with an opportunity to work alongside the industry professionals, giving them much-needed experience and appreciation. As a film directed towards the mental health of the youth of the present day, Innocent Minds does a fantastic job in delivering its message.  

Innocent Minds takes the opportunity as a film to get a message across the world. With its superb scripting, outstanding directing, well-settled environment, unique story and a perfectly fitting cast and crew, Innocent Minds is an art incarnate. Innocent Minds settles for nothing but the best in depicting its core aim; that is to let people know about the horrors of worsening mental health. Mental health should be taken seriously and its symptoms should not be ignored, lest the suffering person goes beyond the reach of help.

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