Love and Heartbreak Fill the Air as Musician Lazarus Benson Drops His Latest Single, ‘Monster’

Lazarus Benson releases his latest track ‘Monster’ to rave reviews. This song is uniquely about relationships that start really well but end on a bitter note. The theme of the song is about the drastic change that a person goes through and how a person lets go of their humanity to transform into a ‘Monster’. The intense song lyrics beautifully tell a story of love and heartbreak. ‘Monster’ sends out the message that one must break free of an abusive relationship and work on healing. 

‘The cover art of ‘Monster’ features the monster Frankenstein and his bride. It evokes instant intrigue and interest, and the lyrics are powerful and moving. The rhythm of ‘Monster’ creates an aura of positivity for the listener. Lazarus Benson’s vocals have a versatile range that’s captivating. His unique style of Rapcore is refreshing. What differentiates him from other musicians is his free flowing music which doesn’t conform to any one particular category like old school or new school. He takes the best of all the musical styles and creates a distinct style of his own which is honest and beautiful. 

When talking about his latest release Lazarus Benson said, “Initially this song started as a song about bad relationship but eventually it started to come more to life once I realized the song and thoughts in my head were more about my mom and how she went through some really bad abusive relationships. It then started to get harder to write because I just started to think what it must have been like for her”. 

Lazarus Benson is an independent musician. His journey started in 2009 with a few small releases. His music is inspired from his life and the problems he had to face as a kid as well as an adult. He dabbles in multiples genres such as pop, rock, rap, and more. His music is heavily influenced by metal and rock music. 

Lazarus Benson’s latest release ‘Monster’ has life to it. The sound is refreshing and moreover it tells an engaging story which is powerful and positive. All the music lovers out there will surely love this brand new single, ‘Monster’.

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