WIMI Hologram Cloud Announces Its New Patented Product Holographic AR Head-mounted Display, Which Uses Sensors to Achieve Various Functions

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Hologram Cloud Announces Its New Patented Product Holographic AR Head-mounted Display, Which Uses Sensors to Achieve Various Functions”. Recently, researchers from the WIMI Hologram Cloud and Holographic Academy of Sciences have developed a patent for a head-mounted display used in a holographic AR system. Tests show that this head-mounted display used in the holographic AR system can achieve the immersion required by holographic applications and can send head movement data and external image information to the host computer.

At present, this research has been published in the Patent Office, and the patent is titled “The invention relates to a head-mounted display for a holographic system”.

1. Holographic data acquisition and transmission and micro-display data processing

The research patent proposes a head-mounted display for the holographic AR system, which realizes the immersion required by holographic applications, and can send head movement data and external image information to the host computer. It includes the holographic data acquisition and transmission module and the micro-display module. The holographic data acquisition and transmission module includes image sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth module, and processor. The holographic data acquisition and transmission module completes the collection of head movement data and the collection of holographic image information of the real scene. Meanwhile, it transfers the collected holographic data to the micro-display module for further data processing. The micro-display module includes a micro control module as the holographic AR data output of the system.

2. RSD and slab waveguide algorithm technology to achieve immersive high-definition data

In this research, the holographic exit pupil expander is used to effectively expand the holographic exit pupil in two dimensions, which meets the visual requirements of the human eye while improving system performance and achieving portability. This patent uses the holographic exit pupil expansion algorithm technology of the retinal scanning display (RSD) and semi-permeable membrane array slab waveguide to calculate the physical law of holographic exit pupil expansion and obtains an effective dynamic algorithm for expanding the holographic exit pupil. From the perspective of optical system design, the physical mechanism that limits the holographic exit pupil is calculated. The diffraction integral transform processing method is used to process the diffraction grating holographic exit pupil expander and the micro-lens array holographic exit pupil expander, which provides data support for the movement of the holographic exit pupil expander. Using optical simulation method algorithm modeling, dynamic calculation of hexagonal arrangement of the single-lens array and double lens array holographic exit pupil expansion trajectory, combined with double lens array to realize the accurate algorithm of color display RSD holographic exit pupil expansion, and finally achieve immersive high-definition holographic AR data imaging.

3. Large application market for extended scenarios

This research uses a head-mounted display optical system generated by a computer, and the holographic AR image source output is digitized and holographically imaged in the user’s field of vision, so as to realize an analog simulation technology that reproduces a specific environment. The patented immersive head-mounted AR display technology has the advantages of the large field of view, low power consumption, wearable, modular, stereoscopic display, and a high degree of customization. In the future, it will be wildly used in many aspects, such as telemedicine, industrial construction, environmental simulation, traffic instructions, virtual education, holographic communication, 3D printing, and assisted driving.

Conclusion: AR technology deeply integrates the consumer market

Holographic technology is a major trend in the future development of intelligence. The real 3D image can be viewed from different sides of the image from any angle. Products that may be covered by this technology include portable consumer electronics (mobile phones, tablets, smart glasses, and other wearable devices), display devices in the cockpits of cars, and other display devices (projectors, TVs, etc.).

In the future, there is an electronic device, such as a head-mounted display device, will have a display system to generate images, have an optical system with one or more waveguides, and have an input and output couplers system for transmitting images. Head-mounted displays, like other types of displays, are devices that display images. Usually, the display screen is placed close to the user’s eyes in the form of eye masks and helmets, and the focal length is adjusted through the optical path to project images to the eyes at a short distance.

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