Joe. W. Zarek’s New Book “The Devil Pulls the Strings” to Launch September

Joe. W. Zarek’s New Book "The Devil Pulls the Strings" to Launch September

May 7, 2021 – Good news for all fans of fantasy stories, J. W. Zarek announced today the release of his next book, titled “The Devil Pulls the Strings”. Thanks to his exceptional contribution as a co-author in “The Happiness Code”, a best-selling book, it is expected his new book will be page-turning exciting and explosive. The book is set to hit shelves on September 15, 2021.

The book is set in modern-day Wentzville, New York City, and 1813 Genoa, Italy. Boone, a young musician, has problems, debilitating panic attacks, a Wendigo stalking him since he was six years old, and now gut-wrenching guilt for almost killing his best friend Flynn in a joust. Boone promises to step in for Flynn’s NYC gig. As the story unravels, Zarek paints a picture filled with bromance, Slavic mythology, secret societies, a cursed immortal, steampunk vampires, Paganini’s music, twisted history, and time travel.

Zarek’s seen the underbelly of the beast deployed around the globe behind the scenes for the military and government. His life is nothing short of adventure, where he climbed to the summit of Mount Fuji, kicked off of Mount Rainier, and sailed through the Suez Canal twice. He’s successfully completed in The Walt Disney World Marathon as a woman and also taught English conversation to students in Japan. Among his many gifts, he can analyze anyone’s handwriting with spot-on, uncanny results.

“The story was very entertaining to read, which probably helped me finish it sooner than I expected. I had a lot of fun with this one! I found the plot and the writing style pretty captivating. Boone’s character is funny, lighthearted, and easy to like. I think the book will especially appeal to a young audience. Its tone reminds me of the adventure/fantasy books I enjoyed as a kid”, says an impressed reader, Francis K, Arizona

J. W. Zarek continues to work with the government. Zarek writes and publishes all his work. He looks forward to the release of his latest book and knows audience who love when time travel, twisted history and secret societies collide shall love The Devil Pulls the Strings. This 252 paged epic fantasy adventure will be priced at $24.99 (Hardback), $16.99 (Paperback), $9.99 (eBook), and $29.99 (audiobook). 

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