Elite Card Grading Disrupts The Sports Collection Market With Their Card Slabs Feature

Leading providers of collector card grading service, Elite Card Grading, continues to help card collectors and traders across the globe by preventing counterfeiting

Elite Card Grading has grown to become a leading name in the sports collection market delivering innovative solutions to ensure that stakeholders get the best of experience in terms of the security and authenticity of their cards. Ranked as the first and only third-party grader to offer collector card grading with high levels of security, the brand has grown to become one of the most sought-after names in the industry.

The sport’s collector market has evolved over the years, becoming increasingly popular in recent times to reach an all-time high amid the growing participation of people from all walks of life. The popularity of the market, with trading cards reaching record-breaking prices, has led to a major concern for collectors in the aspect of the authenticity of thousands of items flooding the market. While several security solutions have emerged over the years to meet the needs of the different stakeholders in the market, many solutions have not effectively addressed the concerns of clients. However, Charles Dortch and his team at Elite Card Grading have found a way of ensuring that collectors have only authentic items.

Elite Card Grading offers collector card grading with an unparalleled level of security. The brand’s card slabs feature serial matching on the front and the back of the card slab has stood Elite Card Grading out from others in the industry. The solution is created to prevent card slipping and counterfeiting card slab and is designed for different categories of collectors’ cards.

The 3 levels of security as delivered by Elite Card Grading are holographic security on the front of the label, holographic security grading number on label, and laser engraved serial number on the front and rear of the slab.

Elite Card Grading has been able to combine quality service delivery and relative affordability, with different pricing packages available to meet the diverse needs of clients.

For more information about Elite Card Grading and the range of services offered, please visit – https://www.elitecardgrading.com/. Elite Card Grading can also be found across social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Elite Card Grading

Elite Card Grading was founded by Charles Dortch, a professional with over 25 years of collecting and grading a variety of cards. The company provides a much-needed service in the card collecting world with the goal of changing the way security is done in the industry.

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