Democracy Is Under Siege In “The Moscow Initiative”

West Windsor, N.J. – May 10, 2021 – R.H. Johnson’s novels generally read like front-page news, but his newly released thriller, The Moscow Initiative, takes the art form to a frightening new level, according to Hampton, Westbrook Publishing, the distributor.  A U.S. president is doing everything he can to keep his Kremlin handler from revealing a terrible secret, and the United States finds itself on the brink of dictatorship.

“I began with the fact that a number of countries, Russia notable among them, have worked hard to disrupt America’s elections,” Johnson says, “and I added a touch of blackmail to the mix.  The result is a political nightmare that should resonate with most readers.”

The Moscow Initiative, Johnson’s 17th novel, depicts a dystopian landscape in which tanks rumble through the streets of Washington and members of Congress mysteriously begin disappearing.  Even the Supreme Court, often viewed as the ultimate bastion of freedom in America, is bent to President Arlan Patterson’s will, and it falls to a former Navy SEAL to set things right.

In some respects, The Moscow Initiative puts a contemporary spin on the world that George Orwell brilliantly described in his most enduring novel, 1984.

“Democracy is far more fragile than many people realize,” Johnson adds, “so my novels usually often focus on the forces that continually threaten a stable and free society.”

Johnson’s latest novel is the fifth in the Travis Delta black-ops series.  He has also written ten novels in an NYPD crime series featuring a husband-and-wife detective team. 

The Moscow Initiative follows Mountains Will Fall, a 2020 novel in which Johnson took a hard look at the threat posed to America by domestic terrorists, this time armed with nuclear warheads.  In earlier books, he examined a wide range of other hot current-events issues, including human trafficking, the assassinations of Russian dissidents, and China’s space ambitions.

A former Air Force major and strategy consultant, Johnson lives and writes in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.  His novels are available exclusively through Amazon.

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