Mighty: Born to Be the Explorer of Blockchain and the New Era

While time marches on and makes tremendous progress in every aspect of people’s lives, the blockchain craze is sweeping the whole world.

As a new technology that’s believed to trigger a new round of technological and industrial revolution, blockchain finds its value not just in cryptocurrency, but in its increasingly stronger impact on finance and technology, in its potential to reshape the world and even in its prospect of transforming the information-providing internet to the value-creating internet, from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

The core advantage of blockchain lies in decentralization and its deployment of all sorts of technologies, including encryption, timestamp, and distributed consensus, to build a new trust mechanism and an efficient coordination mechanism which will, in turn, breed a multitude of new use cases of blockchain. With the landing of this technology constantly promoted, blockchain has seen a diversification of use cases and shown the tendency of close integration with other industries.

Mighty, born to be the solution.

Adhering to its great vision, Mighty positions itself as a versatile tool combining the functions of social software, payment platform, decentralized wallet, and service provider platform, dedicated to the smooth application of blockchain. It aims to provide services such as social connection and crypto-based international payment and business assistance to users from different countries and regions, enrich the use case of blockchain and digital currency, promote the development of commerce and society as a whole.

Blockchain does not subvert the internet, nonetheless, copying the existing product model of the internet blindly would not bring real innovation to blockchain technology.

Ever since its inception, the internet has been plaguing its users with privacy breaches and data leakage.

In 2018, Facebook’s massive data leak was brought to light and a British company reportedly collected personal information from as many as 87 million users without authorization. On 10 November the next year, NBC News released 7,000 pages of Facebook’s classified documents, revealing how the social media giant consolidated its dominant position by tracking Android users’ privacy and using data as a bargaining chip. Another scandal was exposed on 11 April 2021 where Clubhouse, an invitation-only social media app that went viral in America, caused a data leakage involving more than 1.3 million users.

Mighty is committed to protecting users’ privacy to the greatest possible extent, freeing communicators from the risk of wiretapping and leak. In the near future, Mighty makes it possible for tens of thousands of people to chat online through its public group while enables thousands of users to have real-time video & voice calls, with incognito mode adding a sense of mystery to the community.

Among its efforts to support business payment and build a platform for service providers, Mighty also binds business accounts with personal ones and realizes instant money transfer. Besides, by integrating the platform’s API with that of the vendors, Mighty provides value-adding services like transaction registering for both online and offline businesses. With the help of Mighty’s social network, businessmen can have access to customers worldwide.

The application of “blockchain plus” in various industries is certainly the trend in the development of the technology, while the landing of these projects will lay the foundations of mass adoption of blockchain.

Mighty has faith that in the not-too-distant future, Mighty Pay can facilitate cross-border transactions for international students or businessmen by settling crypto transactions for instant consumption and withdrawal on the receiver’s side. When traveling abroad, people may use Mighty Pay as a tool for foreign currency payment and withdrawal and, in the case of eCommerce shopping where the order is settled in foreign currency, simply linking their Mighty accounts to the corresponding eCommerce site would complete the payment in digital currency.

“History never repeats itself but it rhymes,” said Mark Twain.

The Industrial Revolution is the only great thing throughout the evolution of the human species in the past ten thousand years. Each time it leads people to a brand new, promising era where many new emerging giants appear.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, featured by Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Internet of Thing, robotics, and blockchain, is knocking the door, and the “blockchain plus” field, where Mighty exists, is bound to take this opportunity of time and witness the rising of its giant.

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