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Helping Americans in The New Economy

As America moves beyond the stagnant economy of the pandemic, it is essential to check credit scores and reports. Lockdowns, interrupted employment, and other economic hardships created by the COVID surge has also damaged credit scores. As the economy is headed into overdrive is it essential that individuals check and build a credit score that will allow them to obtain financing for the life of their dreams. 

Even before the economic catastrophe of the pandemic lockdowns, shutdowns, bankruptcies, and business closures Americans were suffering from a pandemic of sick credit scores. Statistics extrapolate that 61 million Americans have poor credit, while 33 million Americans have no credit along with 24 million who have no credit file. 

Mastermind Credit Restoration, LLC, a Minority, Woman-Owned Business founded over 4 years ago by Ashley R. McGee helps Americans repair their credit scores. A Credit Repair Specialist who is studying for Board Certification, Ms. McGee also holds an AAS in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s in Administration of Justice. 

Throughout the pandemic Mastermind, Credit Restoration was continuously working with individuals to repair their credit scores. The Credit Repair Specialists of Mastermind Credit Restoration works to correct credit reports and improve credit scores through a process put in place by Ashley R. McGee the Founder. 

Ms. McGee expanded on the work of Mastermind Credit Restoration with offices in Jackson MS and Houston TX, “Contrary to gimmicky ads there is not a magic wand to repair and restore your credit history and improve your score. Mastermind Credit Restoration utilizes legal remedies to improve credit scores including Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair, and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Truth in Lending Act, Fair Credit Billing Act, Uniform Commercial Code and Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. By utilizing the laws, we can offer our clients results and help improve their credit scores as well as their overall credit profiles.”

Restored credit scores allow clients to qualify for the best possible interest rates when applying for financing. As we enter a new era in American prosperity it is imperative that individuals who are looking to buy a home, a car, start a business, or refinance old debt can present an optimal credit score to receive the best financing rates possible to save them money. 

The objective of credit restoration and repair is to improve your life with more financial opportunities not available to those with poor credit scores. The proven methods of Mastermind Credit Restoration can repair poor credit by challenging the negative, inaccurate, and obsolete information within the credit files of the clients. The trained, studied and practiced credit repair specialists are ready and able to help improve the lives of clients utilizing proven legal credit repair and credit education. 

An integral part of the services of Mastermind Credit Restoration is to challenge inaccurate credit history information as well as restore credit scores. Ashley McGee, CEO along with the Credit Repair Specialists of Mastermind Credit Restoration are committed to providing clients with a fresh start in this new American economy. This includes financial and credit education services teaching Clients how to plan, spend and protect their credit scores as they move forward. “We work hard to apply the full power of the law when repairing and restoring credit history and scores for Clients. It is just as important to have Clients understand the power of their financial lives, credit, debt, and savings and how each plays an important part in their financial wellbeing. I am committed to offering credit education to every Client that I, my Specialists, and Affiliates work with restoring their credit. I feel that it is also important that once we accomplish their credit restoration and improved credit scores that they have the tools to maintain their credit status. “

As Americans emerge from unprecedented times, many are unaware of the change in their credit scores caused by reliance on credit cards and other forms of debt. Now on the cusp of a new era, a new economy and new period of financial opportunity, everyone should request their credit score. If you discover a score that is less than stellar, the Professionals at Mastermind Credit Restoration are ready to help. 

The Mastermind Credit Restoration service includes a private, confidential assessment with a detailed plan discussed and implemented. The Credit Specialists at Mastermind Credit Restoration handle all contact and documentation exchanges between the creditors as well as petitioning and challenging improprieties according to the latest enacted laws. 

Mastermind Credit Restoration offers hours by appointment they may be contacted through the web at or by phone at (832) 626-3900.

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