Liram Sustiel’s Vehicle Management Program Provides a New Rental Service for Exotic Vehicles

Mph Club is Liram Sustiel’s one-of-a-kind system to benefit exotic vehicle owners and renters.

OPA-LOCKA, FL – Mph Club is revolutionizing the world of car rental services, allowing clients to avoid losing money through the depreciation of their exotic vehicles, and customers to rent in style for any trip or occasion. Mph Club was founded by Liram Sustiel almost ten years ago and is now one of the largest exotic car rental companies in the US. Customers can rent a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Rolls Royce, or any number of other luxury cars for a day, a week, or any occasion. The company has an extensive inventory of luxury vehicles available for rentals, in addition to extras like vehicle delivery, chauffeur services, and memberships. The team at Mph Club puts a priority on customer service, creating a fun, friendly, and efficient experience for clients.

For owners of exotic vehicles, Mph Club offers a unique plan to help them increase the value they get from their vehicles. Mph Club rents the vehicles out to customers, and in return, the vehicle owner will earn money through these services. This plan offers the perfect way for vehicle owners to ensure that they do not lose money due to the depreciation of their car as it sits in their garage, but actually, make money through renting out their vehicle. This program is known as Mph Club’s Vehicle Management Program and guarantees the best possible service and expert, meticulous care of vehicles while they are being rented out.

“Give us your Lamborghini and we’ll make money with it,” said founder Liram Sustiel. “This program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone who owns an exotic car and is looking to avoid losing money on their car through depreciation, or anyone looking to rent a luxury vehicle for their occasion or trip.”

Mph Club has curated one of the nation’s largest collections of exotic vehicles, giving their customers access to a number of vehicle brands and types. Their vehicle inventory offers a plethora of stylish vehicles and well-known brand names, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McLaren, Corvette, Bently, Jeep, and others. In addition, their membership program offers customers the ability to drive them all, enjoying not just one choice, but a collection of luxury vehicles to drive at any time. With a one-time purchase, members have access to a vast selection of exotic vehicles, allowing them to experience the luxury of driving these vehicles without the hassle of owning them or losing money through depreciation.

The experience of renting and driving a luxury car is an important one, so Mph Club always focuses on delivering the best to their customers, Their services are designed to make life easier, with an option to ship vehicles anywhere in North America, as well as their chauffeur services for weddings and other special events. Their luxurious experience, extensive inventory, and incredible customer service define their vision of car rental. They are creating an entirely new type of luxury rental experience, one that embodies the fun and excitement of the automotive industry. Their customers include celebrities, athletes, and social media influencers, and vehicles are used in movies, commercials, and music videos.

Mph Club services are available seven days a week, and rental prices range from $495 per day up to $2295 per day, or a one-time cost of $65,000 for membership. They operate in cities across Florida, and their services also include jet and yacht charters. They offer extensive information on their site, including an easy way to rent, information on all their services, and luxury car review, and other content on their blog.

More information on Mph Club and the Vehicle Management Program can be found on the Mph Club Website. Follow Liram Sustiel on Instagram.

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