Stock Trading Mogul Thomas Naoum Expresses Desire To Help Others

NEW ORLEANS, LA – May 10, 2021 Thomas Naoum, who began his trading journey when he was 16 years old, announced that he is now providing stock trading education for people of any age or background through his Stock Moguls enterprise on Discord. It is the latest move in a successful career for the young entrepreneur. At age 20, Thomas has reached seven figures in valuation after four years of investing in the stock market.

The Discord platform has topic-based channels where members can collaborate, share, and engage in other activities and its low-latency voice and video makes participants feel like they are in the same room.

Individuals who sign up for the course, from beginner to expert, will receive ongoing lessons with live trading every morning, a monthly live crash course, charting analysis and the opportunity to ask the instructor any and all questions, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Thomas’s Trading Beginning

Thomas began trading with about 5k from the comfort of his own home and he said, “one of the major ways I learned how to trade was learning from other traders’ losses and my own,” Thomas is a big advocate of learning from one’s losses and self-improvement. He exclaimed “I used to get on a call everyday with my friends who used to trade, and we would go over all of our losses and the reasoning behind it,” he said taking his plays are a good way to make money, but he primarily focuses on teaching people how to trade rather than being dependent on his trades.

Thomas specializes in technical analysis and finding breakout plays on the one-minute time frame, but he said “I occasionally swing because I try to find the best possible plays instead of forcing trades. I feel like beginners get into trading and want to find crazy lotto plays and flip their account from $100 to $100k, but in reality, it takes time and effort to become a successful trader. That’s why I created Stock Moguls; essentially, we are a community of traders and we host lessons multiple times a week and I go into live trading voice chat every day and that is where I say my trades and I give my entry and exit points.”

Stock Moguls focuses on education and helping people grow as traders, rather than building quick unstable money. According to Thomas, ninety-eight percent of the people who trade stocks fail at it. Stock Moguls participants will be encouraged to make the same trades as Thomas, but also to make their own trades and learn from their mistakes. One-on-one mentoring is also available.

Members will be able to see what the Stock Moguls analysts are investing in and have access to watchlists that are posted every night with all their entry and exit levels for the next mornings trading session.

A New Era of Learning

He created the Discord community after being asked many times to help others learn how to trade. Members of Stock Moguls will learn new skills and have the possibility of making anywhere from $100 to $1,000 a day. He released StockMoguls premium in April 2021 and sold out in minutes, he said “I have a cap on the amount of people because I do not want the chat cluttered people too many people, I’d rather focus on helping a select amount of people,” but he said he will soon be re-releasing the chat and opening it to the public.

Risk Management

Regarding risk management, Thomas stated, “risk management has always been something that is extremely important for me as a trader, I have a strict stop loss and I have a plan for each every trade I enter, I tell all my members at StockMoguls, have a plan and execute that plan.”

He exclaimed a good trader is separated from the pack because he will have 9/10 good trades and on that one red trade he will cut losses and have minimal damage, but the failing traders will likely blow their account on that last trade. Thomas stated, “the point of trading is not to avoid losses, it’s to minimize all losses, it’s the game of probability.”

It could be a life-changing decision Thomas said, and it only takes about $500 to start trading options. Thomas states, “Ultimately, I plan to revolutionize the game and help everyone become successful traders.”

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