GreenPromoCode Presents Interesting Facts about the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Shopping Habits of Consumers

GreenPromoCode unveils some interesting facts on how the pandemic has impacted the shopping habits of consumers., the online platform that consumers rely on for information about the latest and most profitable coupons and deals has shared some remarkable information about the connection between the COVID-19 pandemic and the shopping habits of people. The portal’s data analysis department has spent time analyzing reams of data collected through various surveys to determine how COVID-19 has affected the shopping behaviors of people across the globe.

“It is evident that measures to contain the pandemic such as lockdown and social distancing has impacted shoppers and shop owners the most,” says the spokesperson for GreenPromoCode. “We did a detailed analysis of how the current health crisis has affected the shopping habits of people across the world. Our study has revealed some interesting statistics and we are happy to share the same with all of you.”

All over the world, the governments and administrators have toiled hard to defeat the pandemic and have achieved remarkable results. This is evident from the improvement seen in several key areas of business and economic activities, with key parameters across these sectors registering positive trends and healthy growth.

Steps aimed at prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic have borne fruits as activities across several sectors are limping back to near normal in many countries. Important progress has been made in the resumption of work, and production lines are buzzing yet again. Goods are making their way to the stores and consumers have started to buy again, which is a sure-fire sign of normalcy in society.

However, the analysis department of GreenPromoCode has revealed that the virus has had a profound impact on shopping habits of people. The experts from the department did a deep dive into the data assimilated from various sources and discovered facts that could be of great significance to some of the leading brands with a strong global presence.

GreenPromoCode states that the biggest beneficiaries of the changed buying patterns of consumers are electronics, home fitness equipment, online games, and online education categories.

The GreenPromoCode data shows that consumers’ search using the keyword Udemy Coupons increased by 30 percent during the pandemic. Similarly, the use of the keyword Skillshare Coupons increased by 25 percent during this period.

Many reputed online courses have also attracted attention from those interested in academics. The pandemic period saw a surge in demand for online teaching courses too, which comes across as highly encouraging news for students and teachers. GreenPromoCode offers a number of coupon codes and promo codes for such courses on its site. Users can avail these courses using these coupons and save money smartly.

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