There is a Better Way to Cool Drinks than Bulky Ice Cubes or Purchasing Huge Bags of Ice

Smaller, softer ice can be produced that cools drinks for at home use, parties, and even for taking to events via the newest line of ice producing machines.  Sometimes called “sonic ice machines”, these are simply portable style ice makers that produce what resemble ice nuggets, rather than the more traditional square large and super hard ice that individuals usually rely on using ice cube trays.

For parties or large events, many individuals buy bagged ice, but storage of this can be problematic, and there is always the need to chop the ice into pieces before use.  Both methods can be frustrating.  Individuals with kids can also enjoy making slushies with these newer machines whenever their family wants them.

The newer compact ice machines on the market now, are trending and with good reason.  They are portable, making them perfect for any occasion, the ice is softer and smaller, and leads to some good “crunching” while enjoying a beverage, and there is a steady supply of how much ice is needed, as they are refillable and quickly produce ice. 

This new variety of ice maker can honestly produce as much or as little ice as possible, and it is wise to check all specifications before running out to purchase one of these ice machines.  The average production is about 26 lbs. of ice per day, but like any appliance (and they are miniature appliances), not everyone will want or enjoy the same brand or size.

MumeeMagic is an online site that helps individuals in purchasing these types of machines, with information that should be read before going out to purchase one.  First off, determining the size of the machine, will be a priority as all kitchen countertops are not as spacious as others.  Secondly, the usage will also determine the size, as individuals that throw a lot of parties, will indeed want a larger variety.

Then there is also what is considered a “noise” factor.  All can produce ice efficiently usually, but all the machines make some noise.  A very loud machine is not a good choice for someone that is sensitive to noise at night, or who has children that nap, or older individuals who also like peace and quiet in their household.  These specifications of noise levels should also be taken into consideration when purchasing this type of appliance. 

Any knowledgeable company will know the noise levels, amounts of ice produced, and will list the best usages of their product.  Consumers seeking to purchase one of these machines can turn to MumeeMagic for information on a variety of styles and sizes that are the most commonly on the market now.  MumeeMagic has been assisting individuals with purchases of children’s goods and the home for years now, and the blog they present, plus the reviews assists consumers in making the proper selection of these nugget ice machines now. 

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A family operated online review and blog site, MumeeMagic has been assisting individuals in the purchase of children’s toys and games, as well as household goods for years now.  The site was started by an individual who was seeking information herself on products for her family and expanded into assisting others with good information on their own purchases. A good review of nugget ice machines now exists.

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