Bellrose Group updates all of their office space to be Covid Friendly

Bellrose Group updates all of their office space to be Covid Friendly

With the future of the world resting in uncertainty, many companies and corporations have started to implement new and improved ways to combat any future infection spreads.

One of the companies that heavily invested in updating and upgrading their working environment is Bellrose Group. They not only added  traditional sanitizing stations dotted all around the offices, but they completely restructured the layout of the entire space and even invested in using materials that are less likely to add to virus spread.

They have made some very impressive changes to ensure that their team feels as safe as possible whilst having absolute comfort and convenience. Even in the meeting rooms that multiple people need to collaborate, they have custom made tables, chairs, screens and dividers that are not intrusive or obstructing.

Bellrose Group understood that wearing masks the entire time of being around others will be extremely hard and inconvenient, so to combat this further they have also implemented a new ventilation system that is active all around the space. This system continuously takes away the old air and brings in fresh filtered air.

With this level of investment and attention to detail to provide the very best environment for their team, to not only carry on as normal as possible, but to thrive and feel even better than before, shows their dedication to the wellbeing of everyone working there.

It is very impressive how quickly they turned things around and more importantly with no downtime for the company. They managed to complete the transformation over a weekend and made the necessary steps to ensure nothing affected the work of the team.

All offices globally will soon start to look different as the world adjusts to a new way of living and operating.

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