Furry Friends are Family Too and They Deserve the Best

Earth&Skye offers high quality pet gear at affordable prices.

Caring for a dog or cat or any other pet definitely provides companionship, relieves stress, and makes its owner feel loved. Because of the happiness and the emotional support that pets bring, they ultimately play an important role in their owners’ lives. It is just necessary to give them the best accessories and gears to make them feel special and comfortable.

At Earth&Skye, their team have done extensive research for pet owners and their furry friends in order to provide authentic and high quality pet products at an affordable price. For them, “Pets are part of our family too”. Even though they are only a small business, they consistently put out premium offerings to pet owners based in the USA. The company is guided by its core values like quality and authenticity, flexibility and consistency, being the difference, and teamwork and integrity. Earth&Skye prioritizes their customers in this rapid rise of consumerism by offering products that are priced low without compromising on quality or class.

To be specific, Earth&Skye is known for their innovation, a patented Earth&Skye Heavy Duty Tie Out Stake. Pet owners are well aware that it’s hard to find a place to tie their pets when it’s called for. Tie Out Stakes are meant to answer such concerns on security, convenience, and training of pets. However, not all Tie Out Stakes can handle the rigor and strength of some pets. But take the Earth&Skye’s Heavy Duty Tie Out Stake differently, it is popular among customers for the right reasons. The product boasts of a 1” thick coated steel and a self-hammer easy action staking mechanism. Reviews claim that this particular product will not bend or break and can withstand even the strongest of pullers. Therefore, this product truly deserves being the leader in this aspect. Just imagine getting this exceptional quality from a product without breaking the bank!

Aside from their remarkably affordable prices, Earth&Skye also offers free shipping and returns across the whole domestic United States of America. Not only that, buyers who have purchased items worth more than $100 are even entitled to a 10% discount. And should an interested buyer have certain questions or concerns about any of their products, they have a 24/7 live chat feature in their website.

At Earth&Skye, furry friends and pet owners are equally happy and satisfied with first-rate products at a reasonable price. After all, pets will always be important members of families.

More information about Earth&Skye products can be found at http://earthandskye.co.

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Earth&Skye is a one stop shop for authentic and high-quality pet products at affordable prices. Their legacy is ease and affordability for pets and its owners.

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