Early Success Breeds Success: How Growing Successful Kids Program Can Unleash Children’s Potential

Two hands-on parents – one a life coach – created an unusual teaching method parents who aim to unlock their children’s potential.

Life is more than just the average—academic excellence, facts about mathematics, sciences, history, and all the subjects learned in school. The key to becoming well-rounded individuals is to have the right values and traits that will unleash one’s potential. This is what Tack and Hoe Ping believe as they help teach parents how they can become better parents and grow successful kids.

With the belief that children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded, Tack and Hoe Ping created the Growing Successful Kids program specifically designed to teach children to listen, grow in confidence, and unlock their potential.

In a time when families are spending more time together at home, the Growing Successful Kids program helps parents and families enhance the way they connect, talk, communicate, and teach their children to build mental strength and master themselves, and succeed in life.

The program holds many resources, regular coaching, and lessons. It is for parents who want to give their children a competitive edge, first time parents looking to raise exceptional kids, parents who have lived through childhood with an overemphasis on just one thing—academic excellence, and parents who want their children to grow up to have freedom, choices, wealth, and happiness.

Learn more about how the Growing Successful Kids Program can support parents here: https://growingsuccessfulkids.com/.

About Growing Successful Kids

Tack and Hoe Ping created the Growing Successful Kids program as they go through parenting themselves. Proud parents of two boys, they developed an unusual teaching method to teach children the life lessons, values, and the ability to make their own choices in order to succeed in life.

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