Making Modern Poetry Accessible: Christina Gayton Releases Buddha Baby, Poetry You Might Like

Honoring Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Slam Poet Christina Gayton Offers  Buddha Baby for 99 Cents Through June 1

Poetry has been a part of civilization for thousands upon thousands of years. Since then, society has thrived on the beauty of the written or spoken word for entertainment, inspiration, romance, and everything in between. In modern society, traditional poetry, while beautiful, can be viewed as convoluted or difficult to understand; but as the world around us changes we need modern solutions to match. At the young age of 21, slam poet Christina Gayton is bursting onto the scene with her new book, Buddha Baby: Poetry You Might Like, published April 28th.

Over the past year, society has been challenged to question their own biases, evaluate their behavior, and advocate for systemic change. As a young multiracial (Filipina, Chinese, Mexican, White), female; Christina is passionate about creating thought-provoking content that drives inward reflection from various perspectives. 

As a slam poet, Christina’s work is far from the traditional norm in traditional poetry. Her simplistic yet captivating writing style invites readers in to rediscover the beauty of poetry in an accessible and easily digested format. Designed as a two-way conversation between the poet and the listener, Christina’s slam poetry explores the many facets of diversity, mental health, sexuality, and navigating life through modern society. 

Titled after her nickname as a baby, Buddha Baby encompasses the essence of society’s greatest conversations, questions, and controversies as an interpersonal conversation between Christina and her readers. Published by New Degree Press, a hybrid publisher based in Maryland, Buddha Baby smashes traditional norms in style, subject matter, publishing, personality, and access. 

“When writing, I like to find a balance between the accessibility of Rupi Kaur and the confessional metaphors of Sylvia Plath.” – Christina Gayton

To honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Christina is pleased to announce that she will be offering the digital copy of Buddha Baby for only ninety-nine cents through June 1.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to cultivating social change through the beauty of poetry; Christina Gayton’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Buddha Baby: Poetry You Might Like. 

To learn more about Christina Gayton or to purchase an early edition of Buddha Baby, please visit:

About Christina Gayton

Christina Gayton is a poet, author, content creator, and NYU alumni based in New York City. Born in Chicago and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Christina began creating purpose-driven content at a young age through Speech & Debate. Upon attending NYU, Christina began exploring the world of slam poetry, where she would go on to win the NYU Slam in 2019. Expanding horizons into new avenues, Christina represented NYC at the Brave New Voice youth poetry competition in 2018. She participated in the COAL & ICE section of the competition and was invited to perform her winning poem at a climate change exhibition in San Francisco. As a former 2019 NYC Youth Poet Laureate Ambassador, Christina seeks to cultivate meaningful social change through creative exploration.






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