Coaching Women Towards the Right Direction, Jayresa Sass LLC Brings a Platform “She Is Not Her Trauma”

As a certified trauma/spirituality coach, Jayresa Sass helps women fighting their lives. Through her teachings, she mentors women to define success after trauma. With her flagship, supportive platform, “She Is Not Her Trauma”, Jayresa Sass empowers and educates women while understanding uncommon difficulties.

Brooklyn, NY, USA – Women are the backbone of a society. They contribute to nation-building as equally as men. Yet, sometimes their issues are ignored, and they are left uncared. To cater to such women, Jayresa Sass brings her transformation and healing platform, “She Is Not Her Trauma”. With her expert and professional coaching sessions, Jayresa Sass aims to help women get out of their dark places and enjoy the beauty of life. The platform is also an outlet for women’s sensitive topics that are not discussed in daily lives, yet they need to be addressed; this is why “She Is Not Her Trauma” is an ideal place.

Jayresa provides one-on-one and group coaching to women looking to change their life for a better future ahead. In addition to that, she also holds workshops, seminars, interviews, and masterclasses to spread her knowledge and share her experience. Her constant efforts towards a bright future for women and the community have led her to win several awards.

“She Is Not Her Trauma” was conceived by Jayresa when she was at the darkest stage of her life. Going through all the hardships of her life made Jayresa a strong woman. She went through a very troublesome childhood, witnessing some of the most adverse circumstances. All the hardships unsatiated her soul.

Despite what she had been through, she focused on getting educated. After graduating from Mercy College with a degree in Liberal Arts/Psychology, she noticed behavioral similarities within the people she was supporting. Slowly and gradually, she discovered herself. Her healing and coaching journey began when she healed herself of her past traumas at the age of 34. She is also an author of several books, which offer life-changing training and support for women.

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s lives. With her expertise, knowledge, and experience, Jayresa aims to support women in this time of despair. With her platform, “She Is Not Her Trauma”, Jayresa skillfully transfers her support towards the women in need. She wants women to embrace their trauma and transformation. Only after acceptance, can one move on to solve the problems.

As a mentor, Jayresa has helped many women throughout her life. One of her trainees said: “She is amazing! She gave an exceptional outlook and provided me with a way to bridge my ideas to create tangible goals that I can use to better align myself within my coaching. She makes an amazing mentor!” With such a noble cause as to help women, Jayresa is determined to go even further and help as many women as she can.

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