Nimble Made, a Previously Formal Dress Shirt Brand, Now Expands to Casual Wear for Men

Nimble Made is direct-to-consumer brand that fills a size gap with Actually Slim shirts in the men’s clothing industry. In the midst of a global pandemic and shift to work-from-home attire, Nimble Made expanded to provide new products and now offers a variety of casual shirts.

USA – Finding the right fit for shirts is challenging for slim men. The traditional menswear retailers average sizes to cater to a mass market, making the industry “Slim” size still ill-fitting for many. Unlike other shirtmaker, Nimble Made has an Actually Slim fit sized with height and weight, taking into consideration body mass index for a proportional approach to a better slim fit. Their slim shirts also feature trimmed measurements across the chest, back, waist, sleeve, and shirt length. Nimble Made aims to provide slim and well-fitting dress shirts for men, designed for an Actually Slim fit without the tailor.

Nimble Made was founded by Tanya Zhang and Wesley Kang in New York City in 2018. As a slimmer and shorter man, co-founder Wesley had difficulty finding a slim fitting shirt off-the-rack for his finance job. Tanya noticed the same issue with her slim father who struggled to find a true slim fit as an immigrant working in the U.S. They both left their corporate jobs to fill this sizing gap in the clothing industry. Wesley says he “created Nimble Made to bring more representation and inclusion in sizing standards, starting with a slim fit that actually fits.

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, people shifted to working from home, creating a lessened demand in formal dress shirts and an increased demand in casual shirts. Nimble Made, as a formal dress shirt maker, took the opportunity to take on the new market with a collection of casual shirts that ranges from gingham, flannel, to comfortable 100% cotton t-shirts. Staying true to its core value and mission, Nimble Made continues to serve Actually Slim men with an expanded product selection.

Nimble Made now offers, in addition to its formal dress shirts, v-necks, flannels, t-shirts, accessories and more. Their new casual shirts still offer the same actual slim-fit experience in Nimble Made’s proprietary sizes. The flannels are available in various colors and a great addition for the fall season. Their t-shirts are available in v-neck and crew-neck styles and come in five colors. Providing a wider range of shirt products, Nimble Made can now offer its customers the opportunity to mix and match and a diversified wardrobe year round.

The casual dress shirts come in a variety of patterns and weaves with colors from blue to green to pink. These shirts include gingham and darker color solid shirts, perfect for those who don’t need to be as buttoned up in a clean white dress shirt, but still want a sleek professional look. In 2020, Nimble Made doubled its revenue from the previous year, with their casual shirts making up 50% of online sales.

Nimble Made is a men’s shirt brand that launched in New York City in 2018. Co-founders Tanya Zhang Wesley Kang created Nimble Made shirts to fix the baggy shirt problem they saw in their community and bring more size inclusion into the clothing industry. It focuses on providing the best slim fit in quality fabrics for its customers with its proprietary fit sized by height and weight. Nimble Made offers over 30 styles of collared shirts with reinforced collars, trimmed shoulder/back measurements, and the perfect shirt length for a tailored look without the tailor. Since the beginning of its journey, Nimble Made has stayed true to its values, offering the best quality shirts with an Actually Slim fit.

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