Dr. Frederick Fields of Little Rock Publishes Educator’s Strategies For Effective Relationships and Conversations with Millenial and Generation Z Parents

The comprehensive guide is available as an e-book, audiobook, and traditional paperback

Little Rock, Arkansas – May 11, 2021 – Dr. Frederick L. Fields, a recognized mentor and educator in the Little Rock School District, releases his first book ‘Educator’s Strategies For Effective Relationships and Conversations with Millenial and Generation Z Parents’ in 2021. The complete guide summarizes observations and experiences he gained during his time as an educator in Little Rock, and practical methods to connect with the new generations of parents.

Frederick L. Fields, well-known as Frederick Fields of Little Rock, was born and raised in Marvell, Arkansas. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Central Arkansas; upon graduating, young Fred joined the Little Rock School District as a teacher to follow his passion. In 1993, Fred fields of Little Rock completed his master’s degree in education from the same university and joined an elementary school as the principal. He served as a principal for 17 years in the elementary school and a middle school before accepting the post of Senior Director of Student Services. Frederick Fields entered the Nova Southeastern University for his doctorate and completed it successfully in 2010.

From the beginning of his teaching career, Dr. Frederick Fields recognized the importance of instigating effective communication channels and relationships between educators and parents to ensure students reap the maximum benefit from the education system. He believes that strengthening the support structure of a student is paramount to keep them on track. In his book, he discusses different realistic techniques and practical methods he utilized to foster sustainable relationships with Millennial and Generation Z parents. He further portrays his approach to handling unfavorable situations with empathy and professionalism while preventing further advancement of the situation. In addition, the book pays tribute to educators, the unsung heroes of society, for their dedication and role played in creating a brighter future for the future generation.

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