Up and Coming Rapper XmoneyATL Signed to XGang Money

Atlanta is the hustling ground for new and upcoming entertainers. As a playground for those to work on their craft, no one has proven hungrier for success than XMoneyATL, or some may know him as Xavier Holmes. Making strides in the industry and a force to be reckoned with, signing with XGang Musics is one of the ways that Xavier is taking the rap game by storm. 

With heavy play all around the city of Atlanta, Xavier’s promotion of his work has proven fruitful in his stream plays alone. Revolutionizing the way people view the rap industry, the message found within his lyrics resonates with his target audience of inner city kids and those who call the urban city of Atlanta home. His core audience provides him with material which he has channeled into his art and thus, created a whole new approach when the topic of rap is discussed. 

Prioritizing his target audience, Xavier is ultimately leading the local rap game of Atlanta. Xavier’s method of approach towards the rap industry is the testimony to how he is determined more than ever to succeed in this field. As a self-made artist, authenticity is at the core of his values and he seeks to reach new heights everyday in both his work and his pursuit within the industry. Driven by success, it has led him touring the southern region and garnering fans within his territory of Atlanta, Georgia.

Innovation has been commonly used to describe Xavier. As someone who has overcome trials and tribulations, he isn’t one to remain complacent where he is now. Taking his music to the next level was what ultimately led to him signing with XGang Music. As a hustler, he has utilized his life experiences and capitalized on them through music and music alone. Coming from humble beginnings, Xavier has established himself not only to be a budding talent found within the local rap scene of Atlanta, but potential to take his work nationwide.

Signing to XGang money, a feat not easily achievable; Xavier’s road to success wasn’t a given. Promoting himself through any means necessary, it’s only the vision of seeing his music played world wide that has fueled his fire. As a self-made artist, Xavier realizes the importance of hard work and uses that as a tool to succeed in the dog eat dog world of rap. In Atlanta, where it seems like everyone wants to be a rapper, Xavier has taken the necessary steps to take his game to the next level.

Investing in himself was the first step for Xavier. By setting his sights on greater goals than himself, ambition has served him well within his work. Having a multitude of success as well as set backs, Xavier’s approach to the industry greatly differs from his competitors as he continues to blaze the trail within the Atlanta scene. Introducing Youtube as a way to expose his music, Xavier utilizes all the tools in his arsenal to ensure his success. Well on his way to ensuring his spot in the game, it won’t be long before the name XmoneyATL is included in everyone’s playlist.

In the realm of music, the importance of staying true to one’s self is never more prevalent than in rap music. As a rapper, Xavier’s constant strive for self-improvement is evident in his work. Knowing that there is no one way to success, he has ventured through every possible avenue in order to achieve his dream of becoming an established entertainer. “Goals and dreams mean nothing if you don’t put in the grind for them.” Using this as his guiding principle, Xavier’s path to success is only a matter of time. Disciplined in his delivery, examples of Xavier’s work can be seen across all streaming platforms.

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