Polka City Is A New Endeavor To Help People Build Their Investments Through Virtual Assets

Polka City is an innovative virtual asset investment platform that lets users earn profits by owning virtual taxis, gas stations, and other services. The users can buy the assets and even keep a check on them too.

May 11, 2021 – United States – The Polka City marketplace is the first platform to offer 3D assets. On this unique Defi platform, investors can buy assets taxis, gas stations, and other types of services virtually.

Polka City offers five types of taxis and two energy stations. Also, other types of services include car rental, car wash, car repair service, hotels, and much more. The investors can earn profits through their referrals too. It is an open-source and fully automated Defi platform where the investments are secure and safe.

According to Rachel Gibaut, Business Development Manager at Polka City venture, “Our focus is to provide secure virtual asset investments to the people. The buyers will be paid as long as there are POLC in the reserves. The simple strategy for payment involves that assets will have their earnings and in-game bonuses. The Polka City assets will resemble that of the real city, and the more the presence of people in this virtual city, the more profits the hotels based here can make. Since its inception, we have sold more than 40 energy stations, 1,131 taxis, and 162 services.”

Polka City is developed on the new-age technology to help investors get full-fledged profits through virtual assets and in-game bonuses and referrals. The platform has already started selling assets in Q1 of 2021. Moreover, they plan to develop a trading marketplace and referral program by Q3 2021.

Moreover, the Q4 will witness the game integration and Polkadot integration too. The investors can save their virtual assets in the hardware wallet. They will be paid after every seven days from the day they have purchased the assets at Polka City.

About Polka City

The Polka City is a fully autonomous NFT-based platform that offers virtual assets to the people for investment. The assets can be invested in the virtual city that will pay the users profits through various modes. This concept has revolutionized the virtual asset industry using the Defi platform.

For more details on the Polka City and its offerings, reach out at rachel@polkacity.io or visit https://www.polkacity.io/

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