SPL and DPL Filter Discs Woven Wire Mesh Manufacturer

As an early manufacturer of SPL and DPL filters discs in Anping, our factory has been always persisting in the attitude of excellence, and strive to provide customers with high quality and low price screen filters. No matter what type and shape, we can produce them and deliver fast. The same product might have different names because of different regions and industries. SPL filter is one of them. It can also be called mesh oil filter, mesh filter or double cylinder filter, which is specially used to filter impurities in oil. It can be used in the oil filtration system of filter press, diesel engine, ship and other equipment; it can also be used in the textile industry to filter the impurities in the original textile liquid.

Woven wire mesh is mainly raw material for SPL & DPL filters, such as stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, copper wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh. Woven wire mesh is mainly raw material for SPL & DPL filters. SPL filters are also known as double drum filters, They are composed of multiple filter discs, they are easy to remove solid impurities, and widely used in high viscosity melt filtering device. The filter discs can be used repeatedly after cleaning.

The SPL filters are commonly used as filter element for oil lubrication equipment, press filter equipment, diesel engine and other equipment. Which involved oil filter industry, such as raw oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, hydraulic oil, machine oil, lubricating oil, gear oil etc. It is also used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemical, medicine, paper making, spinning, food medicine metallurgy, machinery, ship, automobiles and environmental protection etc.


High temperature resistance

High compressive strength

Accurate filter precision

Large filtering area

Simple to install, dismantle and clean

Reusable after cleaning

Long service life

Products Scope:

Stainless steel wire mesh

Brass wire mesh

Phosphor bronze wire mesh


Shape: round filter discs

Weave type: plain weave

Model DN(mm) Filter precision(um) Nominal pressure(MPa) Filter disc size(mm) Filter disc number
Inner Outer
SPL-15 15 80100



0.8 20 40 2-30
SPL-25 25 30 65 2-20
SPL-32 32 30 65 2-30
SPL-40 40 40 95 2-34
SPL-50 50 60 125 2-22
SPL-65 65 60 125 2-34
SPL-80 80 70 155 2-40
SPL-100 100 70 155 4-40
SPL-125 125 90 175 4-40
SPL-150 150 90 175 6-40
SPL-200 200 90 175 8-40


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