What are the advantages of using perforated panels for building exterior walls

Perforated Panels is a kind of perforated metal, mainly used in real estate construction and decoration field. Due to the need for the real estate industry to have better rigidity for the perforated panels of the building exterior walls, we usually use stainless steel plates or low-carbon steel plates in many forms of materials in deep processing. Moreover, in many buildings, a large area of perforated mesh design is adopted, and the metal curtain wall made of it highlights the existing modern fashion atmosphere and majestic atmosphere. The material quality of perforated panels for exterior walls of many types of buildings is mainly aluminum or aluminum alloy raw materials.

The main features and advantages of the aluminum plate of the outer wall of the building are: 

1. Simple installation and convenient, high hardness and toughness.

2. Corrosion is not easy.

3. Good manufacturability; after priority processing, then plastic spraying and other processes are used. The aluminum plate can be formed into many special shapes before processing, and the plane is clean.

4. The surface is flat and the color tone can be changed; for the uniform adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plate, we use advanced electrostatic spraying technology with various colors to provide customers with a large selection of colors.

5. It is not easy to be stained with dust, it is very simple to clean and tidy up; the aluminum plate is very popular in the use of the public, the non-adhesiveness of the fluorine coating film, it is not easy to stain the surface of the aluminum plate with strong adhesion pollution It has a strong simple picking function.

6. ​​The simple construction and installation function allows the constructor to greatly reduce the complexity of the work. Before the aluminum plate is processed, the work site does not need to be cut and fixed on the frame.

7. There has always been a great recycling and utilization of environmental protection characteristics; the recyclability of aluminum plates has reached 100%, and different glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum-plastic panels and other decorative materials have high recycling values.

The hole type, hole diameter and hole distance of the perforated board of the building exterior wall can be customized according to specific needs. Perforated metal products of different raw materials can be used for different surface treatments, highlighting the uniqueness and symbolism of the decoration effect. For example: ceilings, partitions, curtain walls, sound insulation panels, railings, spiral stairs, balconies, etc., people can see the presence of perforated panels on the outer wall of the building.

The main hole types of the building exterior wall punching board are rectangular holes, square holes, diamond holes, round holes, oblong holes, hexagonal holes, cross holes, triangle holes, long waist holes, plum blossom holes, fish scale holes, pattern holes, Eight-shaped nets, herringbone holes, five-pointed star holes, irregular holes, bulging holes, irregular holes, louver holes, etc.

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