Author T.L Oberheu launches one of the best horror thriller books in 2021

Author T.L Oberheu recently released his debut compilation of chilling short stories, The Shadow Dies Loudly: 27 Tales. Each of these bite-sized narratives dares the reader to continue unraveling Oberheu’s complex plots as they inevitably creep towards the dank, the dark, and the unexpected.   

The Shadow Dies Loudly opens with the intriguing concept of two serial killers earnestly explaining how they intend to murder the other. From there, Oberheu leads the reader through stories of revenge, failure, and the sinister wonders that lurk in the gray areas at the edges of our consciousness. Ending with the tale of college students who discover the fluid nature of reality, The Shadow Dies Loudly is a multifaceted masterpiece of all things horror.

The Shadow Dies Loudly is perfect for adult fans of the horror and thriller genres. Although it’s somewhat reminiscent of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Oberheu’s work contains much heavier themes with a stronger emphasis on life lessons. Certain stories may be hard for some audiences to read, but each is a deeply authentic analysis of life and what it means to be human in the modern world.

The Shadow Dies Loudly: 27 Tales and Oberheu’s other works are available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Oberheu’s mesmerizing debut includes an afterword from the author that details his personal connection to the work and his inspiration behind each of the 27 fable-like tales in this impressive collection. 

T.L Oberheu is an author, special education paraprofessional, and CEO of Boxhead Books. In addition to The Shadow Dies Loudly: 27 Tales, he is also the author of Twist and Shout: An Awkward Life With Tourette’s, an essay collection about his condition. Oberheu’s blog and bookstore can be found online at He lives and writes in the Chicago area.

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