Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier – A sleek addition to every home, packed with functions that are life-changing

Create the safest and cleanest space for you and your loved one, escape outdoor and indoor air pollution by filtering and purifying the air in your homes.

Home should be a safe space, where one feels comfortable and protected, but what if it isn’t? If outdoor air pollution from vehicles, fuel-burning industries and fires were not enough, indoor pollutants are 2 to 5 times more concentrated. Everyone’s home should be a space built for them to feel safe, fresh and cared for. The Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier helps to give you access to purified air indoors with just a push of a button .

9 Out of 10 people breathe polluted air and 7 million people die of air pollution each year. Not only does air pollution severely affect the environment, our physical health also receives a magnitude of detrimental effects. Air is one of the natural elements that is almost impossible to avoid, so how can we outrun the pollution both indoors and outdoors?

With cutting-edge technology, this German-designed 360° Air Purifier filters 99.97% of all airborne particles all over one’s house and covers a wide range of 80m^2. One of the iconic features of this Cosmo product is its 3-in-1 filter – The Pre-Filter, which intercepts large suspended particles, The Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter, responsible for the extensive removal of micron particles, and The Activated Carbon Filter, for neutralizing odours and absorbing formaldehyde. This 3-step filtration is great for vulnerable groups of people like the elderly, children under 14, pregnant women, athletes, and people with allergies. Additionally, the benefits of the Carbon Filter make it perfect for pet owners as well!

Compared to their competitors, Cosmo’s Prime® Air Purifier has a sleek, streamlined, and sophisticated design that would complement any home with a modern, minimalistic, interior design. Throw away the stereotypes of purifying the air in your homes at the expense of constant noise disturbance. This Cosmo product is built to function with barely a whisper of 20dB. With this high-functioning Air Purifier fit to be used in clinics and hospitals, this product will definitely enhance any individual’s current lifestyle.

To address the doubt that many might have when investing in a new home product, Cosmo offers a 20 day free trial with the Air Purifier so customers will be assured and confident in their purchase. To cleaner, fresher, and safer air at home to protect the ones you love!

“I tried 2 other purifiers, and this one is my favorite by far! This one looks better, is more silent and feels more powerful. Very happy with my purchase!” – Leonard T.

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Cosmo’s Prime® Air Purifier uses trademarked technology and smart design to provide a long-lasting, silent and powerful air purifier. With over 20 establishments across South East Asia, Europe, and Australia, COSMO stands as a highly diversified enterprise at present.

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