Auto Guides Offers the Latest Facts About Lift Gate Trucks Rental

Auto Guides Offers the Latest Facts About Lift Gate Trucks Rental

United States – A liftgate can effortlessly make or break a truck’s functionality. As a rule of thumb, a liftgate is ideal for safety and efficiency when loading and unloading cargo. As such, it’s an excellent consideration for reliability, slip resistance, and a fast way to load and unload cargo.

Unlike bucket truck rental used to prevent damages for workers while working at higher elevations, lift gate truck rental are pieces of hydraulic equipment installed on the rears of trucks that enable the lifting of freight from the ground to the truck’s tailgate or vice versa. Interested individuals can keep reading for all the latest lift gate truck rental facts there is to know.

Lift gate trucks rental comes in different shapes, types, and sizes, and the most common ones taking the world by storm are Tuck-Under, Cantilever, and Rail-Lift lift gates. However, each of these has its specific use, and so it’s vital to understand them in detail.

Tuck-Under Lift Gates, as the name suggests, stays out of the way until it’s engaged. Like its name, the liftgate is tucked right under and away from the cargo entrance, thus, allowing one to back up vehicles to loading docks without the liftgate getting in the way. The best part about the Tuck-Under liftgate is that when using it, one has perfect access to the cargo doors as if there is no lift gate in use at all.

Still, tuck-under liftgate standard models are primarily leveled between their bed and the ground level, which eventually tilt slightly, forming a ramp that makes it effortless to roll and remove pallets and other cargo.  These types of lift gates are magnificently popular, especially for dock height trucks.

Cantilever lift gates are ideal for helping keep cargo level during unloading and loading processes regardless of the terrain.  They have significant large platforms that allow one to load from the back or even sides. Furthermore, when using a cantilever liftgate, an operator can seamlessly adjust the platform’s tilt as necessary. Additionally, Cantilever lift gates are less laborious because they don’t have manual unfolding or folding of the platform. Generally, they come with remote controls used to power them up and down, like drawbridges, for convenience. They are also pallet compatible and cart-friendly thanks to their unique design options, such as the cart stops.

Like the other types, rail-lift gates also have their unique application where they magnificently perform.  Rail-lift gates are designed to lay flat against the rear of the body when not in use. When in service, they offer a comprehensive and leveled platform, thus, delivering flawless stability. Rail-lift gates are exceptionally ideal for unloading and loading bulky and heavy items.

Their leveled ride cycle is designed to stay aligned with the truck bed when engaged continuously, thus, keeping things balanced thanks to their straight up–and–down movement abilities. However, one fact to note about rail-lift gates is their drawback of covering a part of the rear doorway when not in use. The good news is that one can lower them down to gain access to the door even without fully engaging the liftgate.

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