Improving Air Quality Requires a Few Tools

Improving Air Quality Requires a Few Tools

There are many great things about living in the Sunshine State. We enjoy easy access to beautiful beaches, plenty of warm weather, and great food, just to name a few. However, Florida is also known for its unforgiving allergy season, dry winter months, and other factors that can drastically affect your indoor air quality.

Even if you don’t suffer from perennial allergies or respiratory problems like asthma, poor indoor air can reduce your quality of life. Airborne contaminants can increase your chances of developing a respiratory illness or weaken your immune system.

Fortunately, there are several affordable ways to counter these affects and breathe easier in your home.  Read on for our top 3 tools to improve your indoor air quality.

Polarized Media Cleaner

When air comes through your HVAC unit, the Polarized Media cleaner is what catches particles at a 97% efficiency rate. This helps minimize pollutants and particulate matter, which helps stop the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses. 

Particles are microscopic and most filters only collect larger particles. A Standard Filter will let these tiny particles pass through them, and into your home. 

  • 97% capture percentage for .3 micro particles
  • Removes mold
  • Removes bacteria
  • Traps odor
  • Extends the life of your HVAC systems
  • Improve both you and your families health

If you want to decrease airborne contaminants, improve air quality, and breathe easier, then a Polarized Media Cleaner is a must.

A professionally installed Polarized Media Cleaner is low maintenance and functions much more efficiently. Your higher initial investment will translate into long-term savings and significantly cleaner air.

Air Purifier

Speaking of cleaner air, a centralized air purification system is one of the best tools to boost quality and breathe easier. While there are many brands and styles available, virtually every air purifier on the market utilizes UVC light.

UVC or “C” wave ultraviolet light is the preferred means of eliminating airborne bacteria. These lights are mounted within your existing HVAC system, usually near the return vent. As air is pulled back into your ductwork, it will pass through the UV light, killing bacteria and germs. 

There are many benefits to installing an air purification system. Let’s look at some of these benefits in detail.

Eliminate Harmful Chemicals

If you have never had your indoor air quality tested, then you may be shocked to learn about the number of foreign chemicals that are present. These chemicals include harmful pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. Both substances can have long-lasting health consequences.

These pollutants come from nearby industrial facilities, vehicle traffic, and other kinds of modern equipment. If you live in a densely populated area, you are more likely to experience high concentrations of these chemicals in your indoor air.

Gets Rid of Unpleasant Odors

Airborne contaminants do not just affect your health. They can also cause a persistent odor in your home that cannot be overcome with air fresheners. Since a whole home air purification system removes contaminants and kills bacteria, it will also eliminate these stubborn odors.

Reduces the Chances of Airborne Illnesses

Even before COVID-19, many homeowners were seeking ways to be healthier and protect themselves from airborne contaminants. However, homes without air purification systems can serve as breeding grounds for disease-causing bacteria.

When you equip your home with a high-quality air purification system, you can reduce the chances of developing one of these diseases.  This can help you to curb the dangers of flu season and other severe illnesses.

Improve Sleep Quality

All of these airborne contaminants can not only make you sick, but they can ruin your sleep quality, too. Have you ever been kept up all night by a running nose or sore throat? By improving your air quality, you can reduce the frequency of these frustrating ailments.

Your air purification system will eliminate airborne bacteria, fungi, and other contaminants that irritate your respiratory tract. Better sleep can also optimize the function of your immune system, which will further enhance the benefits of your air purifier.

Relieves Symptoms of Allergies or Asthma

If you or a family member suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma, you know the struggles of enduring the springtime in Florida. An air purification system will boost overall air quality and reduce the severity of these conditions. This is plenty of reason on its own to invest in a whole home air purifier.

Reduce Pet Dander

Pets are valued members of your family. However, they can also create quite the mess and hinder your indoor air quality. Between pet dander and dust that they carry indoors, you can find yourself sneezing up a storm on a regular basis.

A whole home air purifier can reduce the amount of pet dander and dust in your air. This will not only allow you to breathe easier, but it can even extend the life of your HVAC system. Your air purifier will save you money and improve your overall quality of life.

HEPA Filters

No air filtration system is complete without a HEPA filter. A high-efficiency particulate air filter is a specialized filter that is able to trap 99.97% of particles under a specified size. They do a far better job of eliminating airborne contaminants than that cheap filter found at your local grocery store.

HEPA filters are made from twisted glass fibers that create a dense web in which to trap microscopic bacteria, fungi, pet dander, and more. A HEPA filter relies on several processes like diffusion and direct impaction to trap these particles.

While HEPA filters are great for eliminating all sorts of airborne contaminants, they are especially effective at trapping pollen. This makes them especially beneficial to Florida residents.

Like other filters, the lifespan of your HEPA filter will depend on several factors, such as the location of your home and whether you own pets. Generally, you should replace your HEPA filter quarterly. This will ensure that it is working as it was designed to and fully protecting you from contaminants.

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