Latest Rogue Retirement Lounge Podcast Features Jordan Sheppherd Discussing Self-Directed Iras, Alternative Retirement Investing And Buying Real Estate With Iras

Portland, OR – May 12, 2021 – The Rogue Retirement Lounge Podcast, the only retirement planning show specifically for entrepreneurs, this week features Jordan Sheppherd, CEO of Check Book IRA, offering an in-depth discussion of self-directed IRAs. Every week, The Rogue Retirement Lounge ( features retirement planning topics, including investing, longevity, living abroad, and more, always focused on self-employed people and entrepreneurs.

This week’s episode with Jordan Sheppherd uncovered some of the many advantages self-directed IRAs can offer for entrepreneurs. Topics included the difference between traditional and self-directed IRAs, contribution limits, and some examples of alternative investments that can be held within the SDIRA structure.

Matt Franklin, Rogue Retirement Lounge Host says, “I’m a huge fan of self-directed IRAs and I think they’re underutilized among entrepreneurs who could really benefit from the control they offer, not to mention the flexibility to invest outside of traditional stocks, bonds and mutual funds.” He continued, “Jordan Sheppherd, with nearly two decades of experience setting up and working with these structures, is a true expert in the field and it’s an honor to have him on the show.”

What is a self-directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is a retirement savings structure that offers the account holder a wide array of investing options, from real estate and tax liens, to precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

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About Matt Franklin

Matt Franklin is a serial entrepreneur from Portland, OR. He’s run a one-man video production company since 2006 and he’s a part-time product developer. His most successful product, PostureNOW, landed him on Shark Tank in Season 4. Since his appearance, he’s talked to hundreds of entrepreneurs about launching new products and businesses. In doing so, he discovered that self-employed people are terrible about retirement planning and investing. Whether it’s a lack of financial education, the belief their business will end up funding their retirement, or simply procrastination, being behind on retirement preparation seems to be a universal problem among entrepreneurs. Upon realizing that he too, was woefully unprepared for his golden years, Matt became obsessed with retirement investing, while at the same time running his businesses. He completely overhauled his investment strategy, and by getting out of the stock market and into cash-flowing investments like rental houses and apartment syndications, he was able to shave ten years off his working life. Now enjoying “pre-tirement,” Matt’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and self-employed people develop retirement strategies so that they won’t have to work into their seventies.

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