Air Spading Recognized As Latest Tree Care Service

The Salt Lake City tree service offers one of the newer techniques in tree care. The process is an alternative to tree care and is environmentally friendly. The process uses a mixture of high psi water and compressed air to remove soil from around trees, with no damage to root tissue or turf.

Hidden Oak Tree Care and Troy Long are pleased to announce that the company has introduced a new, environmentally friendly approach to tree care. The technique is air spading. The process uses a handheld machine that blasts a mixture of compressed air under high pounds per square inch (psi) and water to remove soil from around the trees. The technique leaves the root tissue and turf undamaged. The result is a healthier plant that has more room to grow and develop.

The technique has been recognized as the most efficient manner to remove the bark, soil and other particles from around trees and their root systems without causing extensive damage to the living organism. By getting rid of the materials, the tree care team has better access to the roots. The improved access means that tree health care services can be accomplished more effectively. The improved services include irrigation, mulching and fertilization.

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Using an air spade also improves the condition of the soil around the tree. When the soil is not draining properly, is too compacted, is anaerobic, or the chemical or physical composition is out of balance, the tree can suffer. The use of the air spade device helps to build improved air circulation around the roots and creates healthy root zones. These actions reduce the likelihood of disease in the tree.

The professional team often utilizes an Air Spade to remove soil and organic matter in order to expose the complex root system around the trees. It is also used when preparing the tree for various treatments, like fungicides or when preparing or digging sites such as construction projects. The use of an air spade is beneficial when cables, utility lines, or pipes might be positioned below an existing tree. Soil can easily be moved without damage either to the utilities or to the root system.

About the Company:

Hidden Oak Tree Care is a business with extensive experience in all aspects of tree care and tree health. The company has introduced a new technique using an air spade to remove debris bark and soil from around tree roots. This improves the health and strength of the trees without the need for damaging the tree root system.

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