Pawious Releases “Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats”, Organic Drops to Calm Anxiety, Relief Arthritis, and Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Innovative US-based Company, Pawious has released an organic calming drop to help dogs and cats relieve stress, anxiety, seizures, and arthritic pains. The product is called “Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats” and is now available on

Dogs and cats like other mammals are susceptible to almost the same kind of health implications. From pains to stress to anxiety to arthritis to seizures to fear and much more, dogs and cats also face the same amount of health issues. Considering the issues susceptible to dogs and cats, Pawious has announced the release of “Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats”. This organic oil drop relieves stress, anxiety, and other health implications.

A customer identified as PetMama had this to say, “I bought this for my 16 year old Pekingese in hopes of relieving his arthritis. I had doubts about this product but decided to give a try. I have given him the recommended dosage for a week. After a week, he actually ran to the door to go outside. It’s been close to 3 years since he was actually able to run! Needless to say, it was a pretty emotional moment as a proud pet momma.”

The “Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats” helps to reduce anxiety and stress, relieves chronic pain and arthritis, provides hip and joint support, soothes itchy skin, promotes healing, eases digestive issues, cures gastrointestinal issues, reduces muscle spasms, and stimulates appetite. Adding droplets of the product to a pet’s treat, food bowl, or directly into a pet’s mouth will produce the desired result.

Typically, dogs and cats do not produce fatty acids and they are essential requirements for their growth. Fatty acids are important for the growth, eye, heart, immune functionality, and the relief of chronic pain in dogs and cats. This “Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats” contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids necessary for furry pals. Additionally, the product is rich in vitamin E and Vitamin A which are important for a pet’s immune system, nerves, and muscles.

Another happy customer, Tania Jones, had this to say “I purchased this product with hopes to help my aging Chihuahua with minor anxiety due to heart-related issues. It works perfectly. It calms her and also takes effect quite quickly. If your pet has anxiety I also recommend this.”

“My 7-year old German shepherd has allergies to grass and it presents itself as atopic dermatitis. After being on Hemp Oil for a few weeks, her coats look much better and she is shedding less,” said Susan, a happy customer. “And in the areas where she had lost the hair on her legs, the hair is now filling in. She is also moving better with better energy. Amazing product.” She added.

These customer reviews are available on the Hemp Oil product page on Amazon.

The US-based Company is located in Wyoming and comprises several enthusiasts dedicated to improving the quality of things. They find something that catches the eye, dive deeper and brainstorm, improve it and test, and only when it is ready present it to the general public. The company is working to turn its passion for home and pet products into a booming online store.

For better health in pets – dogs and cats of every breed and size – order for “Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats” on Amazon using the link below:


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