Decorated Military Veteran Prepares to Celebrate Pride Month with New Memoir to Highlight Black & Queer Experience

Leveaux Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of Asa Leveaux’s sixth book and first memoir, “Black & Queer: There’s More Than Sugar in My Tank” To be released on June 1, 2021

Asa Leveaux gazes in awe at RuPaul, Billy Porter, Lil Nas X, and Laverne Cox as queer Black superheroes, but doesn’t see the totality of who is reflected at him in the rhinestone mirror. He knows what it means to be an international speaker, understands what is required of him as a Bronze Star recipient in the United States Army, and relishes at the moment his clients reach their bliss-filled “aha moments” as “America’s #1 EntreQueerNeur Coach”. However, Asa has no idea how to be black and queer!

About the new book “Black & Queer: There’s More Than Sugar in My Tank”, author Asa Leveaux had this to say, “I am grateful that I get to breathe the same air as Billy Porter, RuPaul, Laverne Cox, and Lil Nas X. While I celebrate every Black and queer ounce of who they are, who I show up differently and that’s worthy of the spotlight as well.”

“I have chosen to own the narrative based in the Black colloquialism that says, “he got a little sugar in his tank” because the fact is I do, but there’s so much more as well!” – Asa Leveaux added. This book is Asa’s sixth book and it features how he manages experiences such as:

• Being raised in Oklahoma where people that look like him don’t make up 10% of the population

• Having to come out of the closet not just to his parents who are both pastors but to his son who has only known him to love women

• Moving to Southern California and realizing that there just isn’t enough money but Craigslist has a gig as a go-go dancer

• Loving men who haven’t healed so that ideas of forever transform to tears as predictable as tomorrows

• Wondering if God hates him and if not why do so many of his earth kids hate him

The author takes his readers on a life journey that spans decades of questions, promises, joys, epiphanies, and moments too delicious to conceal. It provides readers the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and learn what else is in his tank besides sugar and how to possibly sweeten the world with theirs.

A portion of the benefits of this book will go to the Leveaux Foundation (501 (c) 3 organization) initiative called the Phoenix Scholarship which provides financial grants to those in the Trans community that need assistance legally changing their name.

The book, “Black & Queer: There’s More Than Sugar in My Tank” by Asa Leveaux is complete and would be released on June 1, 2021 in both hardback and digital formats. For more information about the book and to stay ahead on information surrounding its release, visit

About Asa Leveaux

Oklahoma-based author and writer, Asa Leveaux is a father, former go-go dancer, a decorated military veteran, an entrepreneur, and a boy preacher who has lived through multiple journeys which have given him the testicular fortitude to show up authentically. He delights in the fact that he has learned to operate within his motto of “possessing a joyous existence conceived by enlightened thought and achieved through love, passion and wealth”.

As a result of working with Asa, aspiring queer-identified entrepreneurs learn how to create their first $10,000 in business authentically so they can know what it feels like to be proud and paid. He serves the world through his endeavors of love, passion, and wealth through being the Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer of Leveaux Group, Inc, Founder of Queer Money Gang™, and bestselling author of “I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men”, “I Am Woman Enough” and “**** Balance”.

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