Social Worker and Bestselling Author Releases Novel About Transitioning from Boyhood to Manhood

Social Worker and Bestselling Author Releases Novel About Transitioning from Boyhood to Manhood
Known for chewing people up and spitting them out, “da streets” are hard to navigate. Pitfalls, temptations, and roadblocks at almost every turn can make surviving, much less thriving, seem impossible. To take readers on a journey that will inspire them to push past their struggles, Blaque Diamond has released 1380 Prospect Avenue.

Essex, MD – May 12, 2021 – In 1380 Prospect Avenue, bestselling author and social worker, Blaque Diamond, introduces us to the Lee brothers – Silk, Satin, and Suede. Following the brutal murder of their parents and sister, these identical triplets are first taken in by their cruel aunt and uncle, then shipped off to Concourse Village, a state-owned facility for boys.The Lee brothers make friends and enemies with the boys of Concourse Village and the girls of Morrisonia Manor as they all try desperately to find steady footing in their new way of life. Separately, they have experienced unspeakable tragedies, but together, they learn what it means to be a family. Told from a unique third-party point of view, this enthralling narrative of life-long connections forged by the tough love of “da streets” is anything but another urban tale.

“Watching the brothers’ transition to adulthood gave a whole new perspective on responsibility and a longing for family… I have had the opportunity to listen to the brothers’ stories, hear the silent cries of their friends, and watch them chase after their dreams, but most importantly I’ve watched them be a family and support one another in times of need.”

1380 Prospect Avenue addresses the hard-hitting realities of betrayal, murder, strained family ties, the foster care system, and more while exploring the Lee brothers’ journey after they are thrust into survival mode and forced to choose a path for their lives with only the morals instilled in them by their deceased parents and the street knowledge they are forced to quickly gain. Along the way, their bond is constantly tested as they evolve from boys to men.

Blaque Diamond is a social worker, an ordained minister, and a certified parent coach. She published her first book, In My Mother’s House in 2010. Soon after, she became an award-winning children’s book author for She Named Me Stacey, A Temporary Home for Stacey, Stacey F. My Forever Mommy, and The Stacey F. Coloring and Activity Book. Diamond was named the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Awards Community Champion Legendary Honoree and in 2018 co-authored an Amazon bestseller, Open Your G.I.F.T.S, Vol. II with actress/comedian Kim Coles.

Published by Publish Your Gift®, 1380 Prospect Avenue is now available for purchase at

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